Saturday, 13 May 2017

Almost 50-Year-Old Mom Looks So Young That People Think She’s Son’s Girlfriend, Now She Reveals Her Secrets

I know you are still in doubt about this fact, but this is real I promise you! I know it's hard to believe that it is still possible to look half of your age. This can prove to a Chinese mother named Liu Yelin that, Yes it's plausible!

She is a Mother of one who looks like a teenager and doesn't want any cosmetic touch her skin. It is because of her very active lifestyle that keeps her skin young and smooth. Can you believe it, she is nearly 50, yet, looks very young and hot like other young fashion models thus she has a 22-year-old son that most people think he's her boyfriend whenever they are walking along.

You can't even see any sign of aging from her, no wrinkles, no unfair color, just a white and smooth skin thus she is has a very toned body that continuously surprises people with her looks. "People are often shocked to find out I'm almost 50 or precisely (49), whenever I went shopping and told people my real age, I often got mobbed by strangers who wanted to find out my secrets.”" --Liu Yelin mentioned.

So this is what she revealed about her secrets regarding health habits and lifestyle:

Regular exercise for three decades. 
“I swim in the lake and do weight training every day,” she said. “My favorite thing is swimming outdoors in winter.” 

In fact, Liu has swum across the Yangtse River in China and the Han River in South Korea. And last year, she swam from the shores of Penang, Malaysia to the Strait of Malacca – that’s a whopping 7.45 miles in just 4 hours! She is exceptional and remarkable to think that she did that, All we can say is Wow in that age huh?

The almost fifty-year-old mom gained over 100thousand followers on a Chinese social media site.

This is her motto to motivate others to be like her or at least improve themselves: “If you think you look rough, that’s because you haven’t sweated enough.”



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