Monday, 29 May 2017

I Put this Homemade Pesticide Around The Corners Of My House Then The Next Day All The Cockroaches Died

There is no doubt that you would not disagree if I tell you that cockroaches are one of the most annoying and disgusting insects you would have in your home, as well as the worst creature ever been discovered. This kind of pest is nimble enough to find the accurate entry to every corner of your house and easily visualize where they will pass through, whether tiny holes or any angle and elevation.

They are certified to be scavengers, feeding themselves any element here in the earth, they are kind of pest wherein they tend to crawl on bacterias, germs, and dead creatures.

The main problem with this cockroaches is the fact that it carries dangerous and harmful diseases when they attack your foods.

Are there any possibilities that this cockroach insect can physically harm you?

It depends on the type of cockroach, some species of cockroach are so aggressive that they don't want someone to disturb them resulting in biting the one who triggered them or in some cases they will just attack you when you are unconsciously resting at night. Whenever you got victimized by this insect, the bitten area will become bloated or swollen.

Some species of cockroach don't bite or stings, they only just crawl on various skin part then diseases and irritations will come along brought by its carrying bacteria because they appear anywhere.

Some people who are carrying problems from cockroach are seeking help to those pest solution team; however, there is an amazing and effective remedy in order to eliminate all those annoying insects at home. All you have to do is follow all of the given task and methods in this article, and you will totally relieve from these disgusting creatures.


Onion and Baking Soda


All you need to do is prepare the mixture of onion and baking soda. Chop the onion and add one teaspoon of baking soda along with it. Then, put the mixture everywhere at your home. Always prioritize to put first on areas where these pests are often visible.


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