Sunday, 27 August 2017

A Lady Couldn't Stop Her Tears From Falling After Knowing The Truth Why His Son's Grave Turns Green

It is really hard to lose someone in your family who you had shared almost your entire life with them. The fact that the pain could linger for almost a lifetime, one must, without the doubt, need to move on to their lives and accept the thought of losing them to help us from our grief.

Some people commemorate the times being with their loved ones by visiting their graves and pay homage for the loss to make them feel that they are still existent in their memory.

But a very strange incident happened when a couple, who visited their dead son, seen an unusual thing on their son's grave.

Their son, Joseph, was a staff sergeant in the Air Force of the United States that had passed away at the age of 36 years old. According to CBS News, the couple's son served the U.S. government and gave almost 16 years of his life and passes away in the year 2010.

When the couple Raymond and Rachel Villasenor visited the grave of their son, they noticed that the grave has a lush green grass around it while the other graves are completely decaying. They couldn't believe what they had witnessed but thought that it is some kind of miracle but then they knew the reason why and just couldn't keep the tears from rolling in their eyes.

It just so happened that Jake Reissig, 86, had lost his partner very recently and was at the cemetery to put some flowers in her grave. When he saw a young woman in tears, Jake confronted the lady and found out that she's Joseph's sister. She then told to Joseph how she really feels about the grief and emotions she experiences the loss of his brother.

Jake was so kind that he made a promise to her that he would also do the same things for her brother's grave just like he does to her wife. He would water his grave and keep it clean to avoid it from being dirty. That's why Rachel and Raymond were so shocked to see it in lashes if green when they visited the grave.

It is really quite shocking that most people would go to an extent of helping out others to relieve a little bit of grief from what they experience and help them move on.

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