Saturday, 26 August 2017

An Astounding Discovery Has Been Made By Archaeologists Which Will Amaze You

Almost all people in the world worship and cherish a religious point of view to withhold their faith and cling their lives to higher powers for their life's purpose and meaning.

One of the most prevailing religion all over the world is Christianity. It was greatly established by Jesus Christ who is known as the Divine Saviour.

Because of the lack of authenticity and historical evidence that supports Jesus Christ's existence, some people believed that He was only a myth and was fabricated by the Roman Catholic Church to promote their religion.

But with these recent findings, archaeologists have discovered in Israel that proves the existence of Jesus Christ was real and proves that he is really the Son of God.

It was been stated in the Nine News report that a few archaeologists claimed to have found the birthplace of the three apostles of Jesus Christ which is located near the sea of Galilee in Northern Israel.

It was near Jordan River where Jesus Christ was baptised where they discovered the place and hope that more excavation could possibly uncover and provide historical details of pre-Roman times which include the Jewish era. Because of the recent discovery, the archaeologists and authorized personnel are the only ones who are allowed to go on the site to avoid the public from crowding and violating the place.

It was also been reported by Daily Mail that the newly discovered site where Jesus Christ practiced His miraculous and divine acts by feeding 5,000 followers with only five loaves of bread and two fishes.

Their discovery on the lost Roman city of Julias near Tiberias Lake showed a great deal of finding for their historical search which is said on the journals of Mordechai Aviam of the Kinneret Institute of Galilean Archaeology.

"We have uncovered fragments of pottery, coins, and the remains of a public bath, which tends to prove that it was not a small village, but a town which may correspond to Julias. Based on these findings, we believe this site is likely to be located at the site of Bethsaida," Aviam concluded.

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