Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Before and After Photos Showing How Insane The Photoshopping Skills Of This Guy

The evolution of technology today is getting too fast, where there are many things that can be manipulated through the use of computers and software. Social media is one of the proof that we are already in the age of technology where you can connect the world in one platform.  

In this age of social media, looks can be very deceiving especially with those people who have advanced skills in using some software that can edit the original picture and enhance it in a more passionate way.

But with the help of some applications today that you can download in some popular web application sites even a person who doesn't have any skills in photo editing can simply turn their pictures in more enhance picture in just one tap or click. 

But only those who have a photoshopping sorceries skill can do an extra ordinary editing picture just like the pictures below. These pictures are the proof that photoshopping skills can change a personal appearance with just the use of their mouse and keyboard.

One Weibo netizen, Kanohoo, looking perfect for social media can be accomplished through Crazy Photoshopping skills. Kanohoo's work went viral after she photoshop some pictures of girls. See the photos below.

Kanohoo is very popular with a nickname of "Photoshop Holy" according to MSN

Kanahoo has the skills in using color correction to correct the color of the eye.

Images and other pictures are trash by the image editor once they're done with them

Some people are enhancing the brightness of their pictures just to get more likes on their pictures and followers on their account.

If you don't have any skills or knowledge on how to operate image editor like photoshop, well, several apps can do.

Looking this girl in the before photos will make you hard to believed that she is the woman in the after photo.

Enhancing the shape of the face into more beautiful and enhanced face.

This is a hilarious before and after pictures. Turning a guy into a woman.

Kanohoo is not just a human but also a wizard when it comes to photo editing.

Kanohoo really hit the G spot with this picture.

Even this cute cat has a total face makeover.

Photo editing is not that simple especially when you use a more advanced software that will make before and after more realistic just like kanohoo did. If you are planning to learn on how to do these amazing pictures enhanced and totally turn into different faces well you may start studying photo editing.


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