Thursday, 24 August 2017

DFA Is Now Requiring This Certificate In Renewing Philippine Passport

It seems that there is a new Senate ruling over the extension and passport validity up to 10 years which has been approved by President Rodrigo Duterte under the RA 10928. It makes it more benefiting to most Filipino about the extension of passport validity which would give a less hassle on passport renewal.

It would only require you to present and provide some certain documents to request for passport renewal.

There would be a new advanced system and procedure in renewing your passport and it would only require completing a factual and legitimate data for the required information. People who are needing to renew their passport must provide their original birth certificate to back up the needed data.

All Filipino citizen must comply to this passport renewal in order for them to secure their information on the government agency which is the Department of Foreign Affairs here in the Philippines.

This additional renewal requirement would benefit for their security and to impart with the applicants the demands to travel abroad whose passport does not cite their city or municipality of their birth place. They can only secure their original birth certificate through the Philippine Statistics Authority by officiating the release of this documents, According to Vice Consul  Elizabeth Picar Ramos.

The Vice Consul also quoted that if the applicant availed their passport during the renewal, it will be voided or suspended upon printing.

Starting in August 2017, the effectivity of passport requirement will be passed upon for the applicants who want to renew their passport.

It is advised for the applicants to make sure their requirements must be completed and handled appropriately to have an efficient processing of the passport.

Ramos stated that the passport application is free of charge but the applicants must strictly adhere to their appointment's schedule through the Passport Appointment Portal in the Philippine website to avoid them from holding process.

The application must be done as early as 10 months prior to the passport expiration by booking up an appointment.

If an applicant does a hard time on showing up during their initial interview, they could change their appointment online a week before the interview.

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