Monday, 28 August 2017

Iskra Lawrence Is One Of The Proof That You Don't Need To Be Skinny To Be Pretty

It has always been depicted in magazines and movie films that being skinny is seen sexy and prettier which makes almost all women get insecure with their body size and struggles to reduce their weight to the point of unhealthy results.

But, nowadays, in this type of modern society we live in, more women gain empowerment and confidence in their body and development in life which makes them realize that it doesn't make you prettier whether you're skinny or not.

One English model like Iskra Lawrence proves that being fat doesn't make you less beautiful.

Iskra is a sexy model born on Sept. 11, 1990, from Wolverhampton, England which is known for her career in a clothing line for Aerie which is under American Eagle Outfitters.

She is one of the most popular icons as a plus size model that portrays a significantly unique body type that people rarely seen on most common magazine covers.

She is favored with the most ideal features of her plus-sized body rather than those skinny cover girls. Unlike any other models, you could dream of She's undoubting rocks every aspect of her sexy curves.

With her appearance in the limelight on social media, she motivates a lot of ladies to be more comfortable and promotes an ideal vision for self-empowerment with any body type they have.

With her millions of followers on Instagram, She inspires other with her exceptional body as to fitness and health. Iskra Lawrence makes viral video workouts on social media and tells the world with her natural photos which gain a lot of notoriety to prove that beauty comes in many shapes, size, and style.

She is also the founder of a website, Runway Riot, that intends to empower all women especially those who have insecurities in their body type. Iskra also promotes people to improve a healthy lifestyle and self-confidence. It offers advice and tips for girls who have doubts with theirselves and low self-esteem

She states to people who brand her with negative comments:

“I am Iskra and I know I’m special for more reasons than just what I look like."


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