Saturday, 26 August 2017

Meet The Girl Who Claimed To Be A Titanic Survivor But Nobody Wants To Believed Her ~ Here Is Her Story.

One of the most historical tragedies that ever happened in the 19th century is the popular sinking of the infamous steamship, the RMS Titanic. But there is a woman that claims to be one of the survivors of the tragic accident that occurred on October 11, 1962, which only surfaced after her death.

Berthe Antonine Mayné was one of the lucky survivors of the said incident which is claimed by her nephew after seeing some personal letters and photographs in her personal belongings which are kept inside in a shoebox. It was really trivial to her nephew about the story because of the authenticity of her story. But all became vivid until they saw the evidence that supports her story about the sunken ships.

The reason why no one ever believed Mayné's story is because that her name was changed to "Mrs. De VIlliers" because of her Canadian Lover and that she was one of the 866 passengers that have been rescued.

Mayné and her lover used her other name "Mrs de Villiers" from her former relationship, Ferdinand de Villiers so she would be able to avail on the luxurious cabin.

A newspaper article, the Het Laatste Nieuws, published a story about Mayné's life in the Brussels in providing sexual pleasures and which is often seen enjoying life with people who like to wine and dine.

When Mayné was 24 years old, she met Quigg Baxter, a hockey player from Montreal, Canada in a cafe in Brussels while she was performing as a cabaret singer and then the two became secret lovers to avoid it from Baxter's family.

Baxter's mother booked two staterooms in the first-class cabin aboard the Titanic for herself and her two children which destination is New York.

It was one of the well-publicized voyages because it is the biggest luxury steamship ever sailed across the ocean during that time.

Baxter was so eager to bring Mayné with him to return to Canada. In order for Baxter to bring Mayné with him and book her with a ticket, he used her former name "Mrs. de Villiers."

On the tragic event, Mayné survived the sinking Titanic by a lifeboat and Baxter did not make it out of the accident. Baxter's body was never found or identified after the sinking of the ship.

Mayné stayed with Baxter's family for a few months in Montreal and eventually returned to Europe where she continued her work as a cabaret singer in Paris.

As her nephew stated, she was never again married and returned to a suburban area in Beerchen-Ste-Agathe in Brussels where she died at the age of 75 years old on October 11, 1962.


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