Monday, 28 August 2017

Reward for Honesty: A Boy Returns 7k Php and In Return He has Given Full Scholarship Incentives and Job Offer after Graduation.

In these drastic ages, a lot of people strive for a fast way to earn money even without concerning the method they use or by illegal means. Some people try bad things in order for them to have the things they wanted.

It may seem that it's very trivial to find true and honest people in the streets but there is a very fortunate kid who made a difference and proved that poverty is not a reason for doing worse things.

A very wondrous act of honesty has been displayed by a boy in a McDonald food chain in Sta. Maria, Bulacan where a social media subscriber, Dindi Lorenzo, shared his story on the internet he went to buy food for his family around 1 AM.

As he stated in his story, he was getting his order at McDonald's Sta Maria when he realizes his money in his pocket was lost and fell off while he took his phone out.

Luckily, a young boy called up to him and returning his money that he dropped. Lorenzo was so grateful to the boy that he tried to offer him some food because of the honesty that the boy displayed yet refused the offer and told he was only doing the right thing to do.

Lorenzo insisted to reward the kid with some money for his deed which the boy accepted and tells him he'll give the money to his mother because he is only accepting the reward for the fact that his family is in dire need of money for his dad could no longer provide for their family because of problems in eyesight.

Despite their condition, he was never even got tempted to run away with the money he had found because it was not the right thing to do.

The boy went viral because of his act of honesty on a social media platform and was then identified as Andrey Macabuhay.

Because of his infamous act, he was offered a full-time scholarship on the Immaculate Conception Institutions which provided him with free financial assistance including free books, uniforms, and lunch from junior high school level up to a collegeate degree.

He was also been offered a work employment after he finishes his college degree.

We hope that the story would inspire many people to do acts of honesty and good deeds to others. Even a small or large amounts, it really is a good kind of karma that will follow you by following the right thing!

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