Tuesday, 29 August 2017

This Picture Of A Man Lying On The Beach with Island that Resembles His Body Goes Viral

This photo gets an instant attention from netizens because of this man showed his photo with Island behind him that resembles his body.

At first, you will notice that nothing is special about this photo but if you look closely you will see that there is something wrong with the photo.

His photo is the exact opposite of sexy, macho man - without any offense meant. But we should accept the fact today that people are more attracted to sexy photos uploaded in social media today and you can notice that all viral pictures today are showing a sexy body of a man and a woman.

But the picture of this man has a different story after he uploads his picture the picture went instantly viral and gets different comments and reactions. “Some peoples’ bodies are a temple. My body is a whole island,” Reddit user charlesgegethor wrote in response to the photo of user PastaManSan.

In the post on Reddit, PastaManSan captioned this photo with a simple “Hmmmmmm” but many netizens were amused by his figure opposite from what we expected such as ignore photos or getting bash or laugh by many.

As you look closely the whole picture, you will realize that man lying on the sand has a perfect resemblance of the island behind him with a peaceful and quiet but natural shape.

This picture was captured on Malaysia during the vacation of this man, later on, netizens found out that this island was named as the Island Of The Pregnant Maiden.

What is your reaction to his photo? You may found it funny at first but respect for him who didn't hesitate to upload his pictures and show the world that even he had that kind of body he can still make other people amaze with his own style.

source: buzzflare.com


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