Friday, 1 September 2017

9 Dangerous Effect Of Not Getting Enough Sleep

A lot of people that does a lot of hard work and gains a lot of stress are the ones who don't usually get enough time to sleep. It is required to have at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep to function normally throughout the day.

Irregular sleeping habits and lack of sleep could cause a drastic and health deteriorating side effects to your body and brain which could induce a great risk of having worsening health conditions.

These are the side-effects of not having enough sleep.

1. Decrease Reaction Time.

One of the most common effects of not getting the required sleep. The body does not have enough energy to provide an efficient reaction time on making swift decisions or react to a stimulus accordingly.

2. Brain Activity diminishes

Lack of sleep reduces the brain activity which decreases its function to think clearly. It renders your brain on a temporary groggy state which lessens it function to process information and sometimes, makes it hard to retrieve a stored memory.

3. Compromised Immune System

The body limits the foreign bodies from entering and prevents infective diseases from getting in through the protection of our immune system. But when people don't get enough sleep, the body's function to prevent bacterias and viruses that try to invade our system will diminish which will result in sickness and infection.

4. Cardiac problem

People that are deprived of sleep are the ones who most likely have a cardiovascular problem which increases the risk of having a stroke or heart attack.

5. Irregular Weight Gain

There has been a study about the correlation between weight gain and sleep deprivation. It has been stated that there is a specialized protein, leptin, in the body which regulates fat and also increases the appetite for eating.

6. Increase Blood Sugar

Sleep deprivation results in the decrease in the metabolism of sugar in our blood. There are studies that states about adults who lack sleep have a greater risk of developing diabetes.

7. Diminish Sex Drive

Sleep-deprived people decrease their sex drive and libido which also affects the hormonal imbalance and depletion of energy.

8. You'll Look Older

Stress from work and irregular sleeping habits results in the decrease in hormonal activities which affects the health of the individual. It promotes premature aging because of skin breakage and decreased collagen.

9. Shorter Lifespan

There are countless of health related issues which are associated with decreased sleep. Studies have revealed that five hours or less per night increases the risk of mortality from all possible cause such as traumatic incidents and also to infective diseases.

These side effects affect people who have sleep disturbances which affect the function of the body in order to have a sound a good night sleep. It is better to have a good sleep to fill the needs and guidelines to improve the body function.


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