Friday, 1 September 2017

Anne Curtis Defends Herself From Bashers Who Disrespects Her Singing In a Passionate Way

An online basher in Twitter states a mean comment regarding on the "It's Showtime" host, Anne Curtis, about her disgraceful singing. Despite it, Anne maintained her poise and only responded in the nicest way. She defended her passion for singing despite those negative comments and feedbacks from all social media sources.

After the twitter user portrayed her voice as a "disgrace in the industry," she instilled her cool and eases her stature upon dealing with the said basher. The 32-year-old actress and also a sensationalized tv host in the Kapamilya Network backed herself up following the incident.

Twitter user @katherine1470 replied to the article posted by PEP or Philippine Entertainment Portal which tells mean comment about Anne Curtis' hobby for singing without even a knack for it. 

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For a long time, she has been very intricate on her passion for singing. Ann still strives herself to improve the right tune and note in her singing which could be done by performing at concerts or also on TV.

The female host has long been vocal on her passion for singing. Despite not having the knack for it, Anne still pushes herself to improve her voice when performing at a concert or on TV.

In her previews interview with our local press, Anne was been recalled to be proud of her singing accomplishments.

She had shared in the interview:

“Pero pinursue ko pa rin ang dream ko na ‘yon, nakadalawang sold-out concerts ako."

“Naka-ano pa, triple platinum or double platinumaward pa yata,” 

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But even though there are people who still doubt her, she would still continue to sing for herself and also to her fans to make them happy which she wrote on twitter while addressing it to the one she calls "DreamShamer."

Even with all those criticism, Anne still gained more supporters rather than having many bashers because of humility and discipline which she displays with class. She also believes that the only reason why she does this is that of love.

It is for certain that Anne Curtis is an inspiration to all of those who dream and aspire to achieve their goals just by believing in themselves regardless of how people perceive the things they do. The only thing that matter is, at the end of the day, we should all have believed on the things we do.


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