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Coleen Garcia a Devoted Dog Lover Hopes That Her 16-year-Old Dog Will Make It Until Her Wedding Day

There are a lot of people who are very devoted when it comes to their pets, they put too much effort and love just to take care of their beloved pets and considering their pet one of their family members.

Coleen Garcia is one of those people who commit and devoted herself as a dog lover, recently Collen Garcia revealed that she already said yes to Mr. Billy Crawford and will be marrying him on Summer of 2018, but she had some worries about her beloved 16-year-old dog Bambi who might not make it until her big day. Coleen is planning to get her two beloved dogs named Summer and Bambi on her wedding day.

According to Coleen Garcia, her dreams are already set and she is ready to finally become Mrs. Billy Crawford in Summer of 2018 where they planned the wedding date. The details of their wedding are not yet disclosed, but she is very excited for that day to arrive, although she has some worries because of her Bambi.

Coleen also shared how her dog became an important part of her life, she also said that she has already two dogs now, Summer, and Bambi. She said that Summer is only a year old while Bambi is already 16-years-old and with her since she was nine years old.

Images by Coleen Garcia via Instagram account

Coleen said that Bambi is already deaf and blind recalled her childhood memories with her, saying: "Ever since bata pa ako, I would always get scared kasi nag-10 years old na siya, 'tapos 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16... So every time, I'd whisper to her since a long time ago, and I'd tell her to at least wait until she could give me away on my wedding day."

Images by Coleen Garcia via Instagram account

She admitted she hasn’t worked out the details yet but said, “We’ll see, gagawan na lang ng paraan.” [We’ll find a way.]

She also shared her story with her new dog Summer and told that, Summer is her constant companion, whom she brings wherever she goes even on tapings and shoots. “Basta puwede, dala ko siya,” she said. [As long as it’s possible, I would always bring her.]

Aside from her two Chihuahua Coleen said that she also has two other big dogs a Belgian Malinois and Presa Canario and Two Cute Cats.

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