Friday, 15 September 2017

She Is Pariza Tabriz The Browser Boss and Considered as "The Security Princess" Who Protect Google Against Any Threat Of Malicious Hackers

Today's technology makes every people live easy, it's because of the non-stop learning of people about possible things that are not yet existing or can make a human's life more convenience.

In today's generation internet is one of the most popular and important inventions of human kinds which makes the world connect in one place, and that's the cyberspace where anything is possible.

Every people who connect in the cyberspace shared their lives every day, that's why they are not just exposing their lives online but also across the world. No matter how strong or secure your security setting is nothing is possible against cyber terrorist, that's why giant tech company that offers a variety of services all around the world makes the security their priority.

Take Google as a Tech Giant Sample, Google is very popular around the world, they give a wide range of services for the convenience of human kinds. The Googles main weapon against cyber terrorist such as black hat hackers is Parisa Tabriz.

Parisa Tabriz is considered as the Security Princess and Browser Boss of The Big Tech Company Google, along side with her is her team composing of 30 security experts from the US and Europe.

Everyday Parisa Tabriz and her team are trying to hack their own company to find out what are the possible way the black hat hackers can use against them and provide a solution against the possible risk of hacking attack.

Google has an estimated 250 security engineers and Tabriz is among the top and most highly valued asset of the Giant Tech Company. In 2012 her name was included in the Top 30 People Under 30 to watch in the Technology Industry listed by Forbes.

Tabriz handles the number one browser in the world against any threat of being a hack. She manages the Google Chrome security engineering team, their priority and goal are to make the Google Chrome the most secure and safest browser that gives the best browsing experience for every Chrome user. Their target every day is to find bugs and fix them to avoid any threat of hacking.

She shared with her website

"Welcome to my unremarkable home on the web.

For a significant chunk of my waking hours, I work here making things like this more secure. I've also had the privilege of working with the U.S. Digital Service to enhance network and software security at the White House. Hacking information security is fun, and I'm pretty lucky I get paid to work on it with the world's best.

Recently, I've been focusing on making the web safer to browse so users don't get pwnd, making Internet traffic more secure, spreading the hacker mindset, and trying to improve diversity in the tech industry because it leads to more innovation and better results. You can read about me and my work in WIRED or ELLE. I was also on a Forbes List sandwiched between a bunch of super accomplished people. 

I <3 tech but pass time away from computers as an aspiring amateur photographer, climber, gelato 

maestro, gingerbread architect, pixel illustrator, glass burner, rice krispie treat sculptor, and jac(queline) of all trades."

" So I have worked at Google for 10 years and my job has changed over those 10 years, but our mission has to stay the same: to keep our user and data safe. And I am just one of hundreds of people who work on security and privacy at Google. We have a team of over 500 who works on security and privacy and keeping user data safe across many different products."

Tabriz went to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign to study Engineering, but later on become more interested in Studying Computer Science. While in her college days she was offered a summer internship in Google's security team. Then joined the team after graduating in 2007.

What are your thoughts about the browser boss? Do you think you have the knowledge to pass through her security? Comment below your thoughts.


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