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Benefits and Privileges of Single Parent in the Philippines

Being a solo parent has its privileges and benefits entitled for them to provide them much more aid in helping them to nurture their children. But some people don't know how to apply for this benefits. This article will guide you on how to do the procedure to gain access to these benefits.

The Senate and House Representatives of the Philippine Congress had made the Solo Parent's Welfare Act Bill which is known as the Republic Act No. 8972 and was signed into law on Nov. 7, 2000, that took its effect on Nov. 28, 2000.

It sets a benefiting privilege for solo parents and their children which aim to provide a comprehensive social development and welfare services for solo parents and their children to be initially carried over by the Department of Social Welfare and Development as the lead agency for the said bill.

These are the categories for the Solo Parent Act to apply for the government benefits and privileges:

A. A person who became a victim of rape and chastity crimes and results for a child birth which provides the mother's obligation to raise the child

B. The person was left alone with the responsibility of parenthood due to the following conditions:
  • Death of the spouse. 
  • Spouse was detained or is a serving sentence for a criminal conviction or felony for at least one (1) year. 
  • Physical and/or mental problem of the spouse as certified by a public healthcare practitioner. 
  • Nullification or annulment of a marriage which is ordered by the court or by the doctrine church as long as he/she is entrusted with the child custody. 
  • De facto separation or legal separation from the spouse for at least over a year as long as the child is entrusted with the solo parent. 
C. Instead of other people taking care of their children or other welfare institution, the solo parent that took the role could benefit from the services.

D. If the child or children have been given pure care and support from a person that provides a parental guide.
E. If the responsibility of the primary head of the family will be assumed by a family member due to death, abandonment, and disappearance of the parents.

Here are the requirements and procedures for applying a Solo Parent ID:

1. Find the nearest City/Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (C/MSWD)

2. Provide the following documents:
  • Barangay clearance certifying that the Solo Parent’s residency in the barangay for the last six months is legitimate. 
  • Proof of documents/evidence that the applicant is a solo parent (e.g. death certificate of spouse, declaration of nullity of marriage, medical certificate – if physically incapacitated) 
  • Income Tax Return (ITR) or tax certification from the barangay/municipal treasurer. 

3. The social worker receives and ensures that all of the documents are complete to provide a registry of the application with an appropriate case number in the log-book registry of solo parents.

4. If the C/MSWD Office issues the Solo Parent ID, a solo parent can apply for the assistances he/she needs from the C/MSWD Office or may seek specific agencies providing such assistance and services for the solo parent.

The ID will be issued after 30 days prior to the application process. The validity of the ID is one year and can be used for the duration of the year.

These are the criteria for solo parent support:

If the income of the solo parent employee falls below the poverty threshold, they can avail and will receive benefits such as:

  • Health Service Benefits 
  • Housing Aid 
  • Educational Aid 
  • Parental Leave Priviledges 
These benefits are implemented by the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) which will subject the solo parent employee for evaluation. A designated DSWD worker shall be the one who will provide the assessment of the solo parent which will conduct the eligibility for the said benefits and assistance.

But if the income is above the poverty line, the solo parent shall only acquire limited benefits as to their flexibility in their working schedule, parental absences and some benefits that will be complied by the DSWD.

Benefits and working privileges:

Flexible work schedule

It is acted out in privileges from the said law for the solo parent employee to change the flow of time in their working hours with regards to the core of working hours which will not be diminished nor altered. The employer must succumb to the flexibility of the employee's working schedule.

No work discrimination

There are no allowed discrimination against any solo parent by any employer for they must be treated equally with relative terms and condition on the employment contract.

Parental leave

1. A seven-day parental leave shall be given in employees in contrast with these following conditions:

2. The solo parent must have rendered at least one (1) year whether or not the employment time is continuous or broken within the work service even if there is a problem in the status of employment.

3. The parental leave shall be used within the calendar year and will be forfeited if is not used within the same year. The solo parent would also not benefit from the conversion of any form of cash or payment for the said leave application.

4. The application for the leave of absence shall be submitted by the solo parent and must be notified to the employee at least one week prior to the absence except on emergency situations. Depending on the approval of the administrator, the leave of absence could be on a continuous basis or irregular pattern.

5. The solo parent employee may apply for a parental leave under any of the following conditions:

6. Attend to personal milestones of a child such as a birthday, communion, graduation and other similar events;

7. The needs for parental duty such as enrollment and attendance in school activities, PTA counseling, and the likes;

8. The needs of the child/children which requires a parental guidance that tends for the healthcare, social, spiritual and learning activity of the child;

9. Some similar tasks for parental duties and responsibilities of the solo parent where there is a distinct necessity for the parent's presence.

10 . The agency/office that concerns in implementing the legitimacy of the application for the absence/leave of the parent are which they may provide a necessary investigation to verify the account of termination or withdrawal of the said privileges that it upholds.


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