Saturday, 9 September 2017

The Carrot Man: Jeyrick Sigmaton's Life After Trending On Social Media.

Jeyrick Sigmaton, more popularly acknowledges as the "Carrot Man," is a vegetable farmer that became an internet sensation in 2016 after getting viral online with his photos while carrying a sack of carrots. With this, he was been recruited by Boardwalk Ph to take part with the modeling career.

Facebook user Edwina T. Bandong posted several pictures of Jeyrick on February 2016. Netizens were swooned over his over photogenic pictures and were so eager to learn who was that mystery guy that has resemblances with the Korean superstar Jang Geun Suk.

GMA News team search and dig up information regarding on the infamous Carrot Man and found out that he lives in Kadaclan, Mountain Province. According to the information that was sourced, he is the eldest of seven siblings which had to quit study just to provide the needs of his family.

With his fame that skyrocketed on the internet, Jeyrick stunned most of the netizens and also some television personalities such as radio jock Nicole Hyala. In one of his interviews in the Kapamilya network, he said he was very grateful for those who expressed their admiration to him.

But for him, his dream is to finish his studies first just like some of other people with the same age as he is. He wants to pursue his dream for his family by using his fame to support his needs.

Some people also wanted Jeyrick to become the Tourist Ambassador of Cordillera.

Many fans also suggested that Carrot Man would be perfect as a Cordillera Tourism Ambassador. The Jeyrick Philippine Team is a group of fans that manages the Carrot Man which also aims for Jeyrick to become the tourism ambassador of their province.

Jeyrick joined some artists in the regional tourism showcase in March 2017. He performed a cultural dance with Hapiyo Mi dance troupe of the University of Cordillera.

Even though the online sensation seemed to have a cooldown after awhile and no updates have been heard, it has been rumored that Jeyrick prepares himself for a surprise.

According to a source, Jeyrick went back to studying and also performs gigs on Cordillera from time to time which bears his latent talent in singing. Even with his fame, he still has a lot of struggles and hardship to face before entering showbiz to develop his skills and confidence

But after awhile, the online sensation seemed to have died down and no one has ever heard updates about Jeyrick again. Fret not, as he is probably preparing a surprise for us.

According to a source, Jeyrick went back to studying and performs in gigs from time to time as he bears a singing talent as well. However, entering showbiz is still a distant goal for him as he still has a lot to develop.

It also has been reported that Jeyrick has been working out to improve his body to have a better physique.


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