Saturday, 16 September 2017

The Mega Star Posted On Her Instagram Account and Said That She Will Buy All The Vegetables This Boy Sell and Will Send Him To School

Nowadays, social media is a powerful tool for communication and interaction for many people around the world. So for some people who are in needs, Social media is the easiest and fastest way to seek help and attention from other people.

There are many people today which is always ready to take a picture and post it on social media if there are some events, incidents, and other happenings that can get the sympathy of many people. Guesting on a top of a rated tv shows or by simply posting a status and a picture on your social media accounts such as( Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram) are the fastest way to get the attention of many people.

Recently, there is a photo of a cute young boy circulating all over the internet.  This boy fell asleep while sitting in front of goods on top of blue jeans. It seems that this little boy is selling these goods.

Netizens couldn't ignore the cuteness of this little boy, the picture went viral on social media. Flood with different comments, and even share the photo on their timeline.

Indeed this cute little boy captures the heart of many people. This includes Megastar Sharon Cuneta, in her Instagram account, she posted the viral photo and promised this cute little boy to buy all his goods every day and send him to school.

She posted on her Instagram account:

"Nasaan ang batang ito?!!! Gusto ko bilhin lahat ng tinda niya araw-araw tapos iba magtitinda dahil mag-aaral na sya!!! Waaahhh!!!"

The little boy loaded with cuteness on this photo really captured the heart of the one and only Mega Star Sharon Cuneta, she truly has a generous and wonderful heart with those in needs.

What are your thoughts about the reaction of the Mega Star? Did this boy also catch your attention? Please share this article so that the possibility of spreading this picture will reach those people who also willing to help.


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