Monday, 25 September 2017

To Earn Money For School Expenses Grade 5 Pupil Bravely Apply For Cleaning Job At Office

Filipinos are really amazing. Be it an adult or a young one. Poverty is a major issue in the Philippines and it is seemingly prevalent and obvious but this doesn't make the people stop them from reaching their dreams for their good and the good of their families.

In General Santos City, a city in the southern part of the Philippines is a child that has proven this. Kervy James Villarejo, a Grade 5 pupil at Jose Catolico Sr. Elementary School in the city, needs to earn money for his school project.

With this in pursuit, he applied for a cleaning job in an office at the city where a picture was taken of him trying to apply for the job. This photo posted by netizen Chriszel Singco Vicente went viral and the little kid has then been receiving appraisal from thousand of netizens.

According to Chriszel (netizen), at the office of Charter Ping An Insurance Corporation – GenSan Branch, the little boy with a brave soul asked if they needed someone to merely clean the office even if it simply means sweeping and mopping the floors or whatever he could to help clean things up so as to have a job and earn. Everyone at the office who witnessed this courageous act was startled at the eagerness of the boy and asked him what his intent really was.

Kervy responded with a will to do such in order to pay for his school project. He said that he needed a job to earn money and pay for it. This boy made the office workers in awe of his admiring act hence they just decided to just give him money after the 'job-interview' and told him not to do the cleaning anymore.

The office staff gave him the money instead for him to pay for his school project and promised that when he comes back, they'll see his finished project as a token of appreciation or him simply saying "Thank you" for their good deed.

What a brave soul right? He is truly inspiring!

Photo credit: Chriszel Singco Vicente / Facebook


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