Friday, 29 September 2017

You Will Get These 7 Health Benefits If You Start Adding Butter In Your Coffee Daily

Coffee is the most popular starter drink of the day, many people are having a different type of style and taste when mixing their coffee, but did you know that you can boost the health benefits of coffee if you add some butter on top of it and mix it? Well, it's a little bit strange and new to your ears but many people are already doing this mix and it is actually bringing them good benefits.

Butter coffee became preferred lately due to the fact that it has a strong, abundant taste, but also helps you to slim down. Those who have actually tried it stated that they will never go back to the old, black coffee.

Although tablespoon of butter and coconut oil is not something that is generally included to coffee, these active ingredients are perfect when integrated.

This coffee is made in a blender to be unified with the liquid fat, but likewise to offer a great foam on the top or you can merely add some butter to your hot coffee and let it melt. If you consume in the early morning rather of a meal or consume it rather of treats, can give stunning impacts on the line.

But it has other benefits too.Besides the amazing health impacts of coffee drinking that it reduces your danger of having cancer by as much as 50%, your risk of establishing type II diabetes decreased by as much as 7%, interfering with the development of the germs that trigger halitosis and mouth odor and more.

You will get these following health benefits if you start adding butter in your coffee:

1. Omega 3 Fats

Omega 3 fatty acids are essential for normal growth and play an important role in the prevention and treatment of coronary artery disease, arthritis, inflammation, cancer and high blood pressure.

These fats are vital for our health, yet our bodies cannot produce them – meaning we must obtain them from our diet. What’s more, for optimal health it’s imperative that we balance our intake of omega 3 fats with our intake of another essential fatty acid – omega 6. Yet the standard American diet is far too high in omega 6 fats, leading to an unhealthy ratio.

Eating grass-fed butter (as opposed to grain-fed) can provide your body with a much-needed boost of omega 3s and work towards regaining that healthy balance. (Other good sources of omega 3s include fish, flaxseeds, walnuts and chia seeds.)

2. Increase Energy Levels

While we all know that coffee alone provides a quick energy boost, this can often be short-lived. But adding butter to your drink can provide more sustained energy as fat is the most energy dense macronutrient.

3. It’s A Better Alternative to Sugar and Whipped Cream

Using butter in your coffee gives an almost creamy, latte-like texture, meaning you can skip the whipped cream and two spoons of sugar you normally use to get the same effect.

And if you’re making these creamy concoctions at home instead of grabbing a Starbucks’ Grande Caffe Latte, you’ll be saving yourself over 17 grams of sugar (not too far off the maximum of 25 grams per day recommended for women)!

Too much sugar can lead to some serious health problems – like obesity, tooth decay, fatty liver disease, diabetes and more.

4. Vitamin K

Known as ‘the forgotten vitamin’ as it is so often overlooked, Vitamin K helps in blood clotting and keeping the bones strong into old age.

Vitamin K is found in leafy green vegetables, natto – a type of fermented soybean, blueberries and grass-fed animal products, such as butter.

5. Can Reduce Caffeine Sensitivity and the Acidic Effects of Coffee

Many people suffer the jitters after a cup of coffee – particularly that first cup on an empty stomach. Others can feel queasy and unsettled as the coffee is simply too acidic for them to handle first thing in the morning.

Adding butter to your brew can reduce these effects as the fat content lines the stomach, protecting you from shakes and nausea.

However, if you’re really sensitive to coffee perhaps it’s best you stick to tea. While tea still contains caffeine, it affects the body differently as it also contains theobromines and l-theanine – compounds that counter some of the stimulant properties of caffeine.

6. Keeps You Full for Longer

Naturally, drinking black coffee alone won’t keep you full. However, when you add butter to your coffee, you’ll be increasing its caloric and fat value – stopping hunger pangs kicking in.

In fact, fats are an important component of a healthy breakfast as they provide the most concentrated source of energy and prolong emptying of the stomach after eating.

Many fans of bulletproof coffee swear it gets them through to lunch without any re-fueling (although many others say this is not the case and a mid-morning snack is required).

7. Contains CLA for Weight Loss

Conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) has long been touted as a ‘miracle’ weight loss aid. In a 2004 study, a group of overweight women lost 9% body fat in just one year thanks to CLA supplementation – without making any changes to their dietary or lifestyle habits.

Not only does CLA burn belly fat, but it protects against cancer and encourages muscle growth.

It takes just half minute to include butter to your coffee and it will give you more than you need for your health!


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