Monday, 23 October 2017

Halikat Silipin natin ang Pinagkakaguluhan ngayon na "Glowing Garden" na matatagpuan sa BOHOL at Nagkakahalagang 30 Pesos lang ang Entrance Fee

Just like in South Korea, there is a breath-taking picturesque view which is a garden filled with 25,550 LED Light Roses. Its doors just opened to tourists and local visitors three years ago during fall which is adored by most people as it captivates most of their hearts with its romanticly chilling ambiance. 

It became a well-named and sought after exhibiting throughout the world as it attracts many people just to see its magnificent lights.

But another glowing garden has also become a sensational attraction here in the Philippines which is slowly earning its name that breeds heartfelt captivating shine and arousing brilliance of a garden filled with sets of roses.

Any people could enter this place and take instagramable photos in Pilar, Bohol. The place is known as the “Jardin Necitas-Pilar Glowing Garden which people could gather their friends, families and loved ones to entrail the magnanimous fairytale-like attraction.

The garden is filled with thousands of artificially-made roses which shines brightly at night because of its translucent glow as the lights shine on those roses that are very captivating at night but people could still visit it in the morning as it starts to open around 10 am.

Many people, especially the tourists, describe it as an amazing feat as people must, somehow, at some point in their life, try to visit and experience the heart-warming bizarre of the dream garden.

Seek out this place and spend some time with an adventure here in Bohol, Philippines. Share this article with your friends and family!



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