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How to Use Coconut Oil to Promote a Strong, Healthy, Dandruff Free and Conditioned Hair That Every Woman Desires

Coconut oil is one of the most popular and natural products that many people use for their everyday hair care routine. A lot of beauty products out in the market today have coconut oil content.

Coconut oil is an in-demand ingredient especially for big companies that produced a variety of beauty products because Coconut oil contains a great source of minerals, vitamins, and fats that not just benefit your beauty care routine but also your overall health condition.

According to many studies that coconut oil is very beneficial to hair and skin because it contains components that can help to keep your hair and skin nourished, strong, and protected against any bad effects of premature aging, such as excessive hair loss and baldness.

Here's how to use coconut oil for strong, healthy and conditioned hair:

Hair Loss

A number of natural remedies can be prepared by using coconut oil and herbs to help prevent hair loss. Namely, you should boil sage leaves in coconut oil and then apply it to your scalp to help prevent hair loss and improve the health of your hair.

You can also apply a mixture of coconut oil and lime water or gooseberries and coconut oil to your scalp to prevent hair loss. Boil the gooseberries in some coconut oil and apply it to your scalp. You will be amazed by the results.

Moisture Retention

It has a high moisture retaining capability, because it isn’t easily broken down nor evaporated. That’s why coconut oil can hold moisture in your hair. A study has found that using coconut oil as a moisturizer is an incredible substitute for store-bought moisturizers.

Hair Damage
Applying coconut oil to your hair can help decrease protein loss in damaged and undamaged hair. This type of oil abounds in lauric acid that can easily penetrate inside your hair shaft because of its low molecular weight. You can use it for post-wash or pre-wash hair grooming.

You can make your own serum by infusing some extra virgin coconut oil with sunflower seed oil and guava fruit extract. It can help repair and renew damaged hair, as well as nourish, smooth, and add volume and shine to your hair.

Caution: In case your hair loss is followed by other symptoms, it can be triggered by a hormonal imbalance.


The potent antifungal, antiviral and antimicrobial properties of coconut oil are attributed to its high content of medium-chain fatty acids, such as capric acid and lauric acid. That’s why coconut oil may help target and destroy almost any bacteria, fungus and viruses.

Apply it to your scalp on a regular basis to fight dandruff. You may also want to mix some coconut oil with castor oil and lukewarm water and use it to massage your hair and scalp for best results.

Also, you can mix sesame oil with coconut oil. Apply it to your scalp and leave it to act for half an hour before shampooing your hair.

Hair Care for Split Ends and Dry Hair

Coconut oil helps moisturize your thin and rough hair without triggering further drying or thinning of your hair since it can penetrate your hair follicle.

The only thing you should do is massage your hair with a mix of almond oil and coconut oil for several minutes to help minimize your split ends.
Hair Conditioning

You can also use some coconut oil prior to brushing your hair in order to prevent it from becoming more damaged when combed or brushed.

It is a more effective hair conditioner compared to any other commercial hair conditioner. All you need to do is apply some warm coconut oil before going to bed and wash your hair the next morning. You can repeat it every few days for strong, healthy, and conditioned hair.


You may suffer from boils on the scalp, particularly in winter months. This could also occur if exposed to the sun or heat for too long. You should keep your scalp and hair clean and massage your hair with a mix of olive oil and coconut oil from time to time to help fight boils. But, in case the problem persists, consult your healthcare specialist.

Cooling Properties

Applying coconut oil to your scalp and head also has a cooling effect. This means that it helps soothe and cool your head. If you experience severe scalp sweating, you can also use coconut oil.

Lice Protection

Although there are many chemical products available for getting rid of lice, they may also damage your hair and scalp as a result of their strong chemical ingredients. Simply coat your wet hair with some coconut oil since it is easier to comb and eliminate the lice.

Styling Oil

Coconut oil could also act as styling oil for your hair. When you apply it on your hair, it thins as well as spreads evenly because of the heat of your scalp. Next, when your hair comes in contact with air, the oil on your hair condenses and acts as a styling cream or gel.

Coconut Oil in Shampoo

Some natural shampoos may possess coconut oil. Natural shampoos containing coconut oil have been found to be beneficial for hair health.


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