Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Isabel Granada Collapsed Due To An Aneurysm, Now In Critical Condition

Isabel Granada traveled to Doha with her husband, Arnel Principe-Cowley with the purpose of being a celebrity speaker for the Philippines Trade Tourism Conference.

After staying in Doha, Qatar, Isabel Granada, a renowned singer-actress, is now in critical condition due to her coma as she experiences a sudden faint then collapses on her own.

Bianca Lapus, one of Isabel Granada's friend, had updated Isabel's condition through the social media which states that Isabel is currently in a hospital monitoring her vital signs on Tuesday, October 24 and asks for prayers from any kind-hearted souls that seek Isabel's well-being.

Bianca also stated on her Facebook post which is quoted here that;

“She was rushed at the Heart Hospital Hamad Medical Corp. Now at HGH (Hamad General Hospital) in Qatar.”

“I have not communicated with her family yet. I’m waiting for updates. But the initial info I got is from our dear Robby Tarroza, according to his post, Isa is in critical condition. Massive internal bleeding in the head. Aneurysm.” She added.

“She suddenly collapsed lang daw. So I’m doing my best to get updates from the people who are there now.”

“Please, please she needs prayer warriors now.”

After this post, Bianca updated again through her social media account on Facebook that Isabel is currently under coma status post cardiac arrest.

Bianca again reiterated:

“But according to the nurse I chatted with in Qatar, she was transferred to Hamad Hospital, and it's confirmed she has internal bleeding and aneurysm. She will undergo a major operation anytime now. But according to the respiratory therapist, she had 6 times cardiac arrest.”

An aneurysm is a severe condition where the part of an arterial wall weakens which causes a large bulge and abnormally widens that occurs at any part of the body. Its causes are unknown but sometimes may be congenital and have risks factor that is connected to the person's lifestyle and health habits.

Check Bianca Lapuz's Facebook page for more updates regarding on Isabel's condition.


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