Saturday, 21 October 2017

Kylie Padilla Ibinahagi ang Kanyang Saloobin Patungkol Sa Pagtrato Sakanya ng Kanyang Stepmom na si Mariel Padilla

Almost everyone didn’t expect about Kylie’s announcement of being pregnant with Aljur Abrenica which generated shock to almost everyone. It surprised almost everyone in the shoot of a television series, Encantadia, where she plays a leading role, Amihan. Aljur Abrenica handled the situation responsibly and came to rescue Kylie from intrigue and self-doubt which had taken good care of by Aljur.

With most of it happened in an instant, Kylie Padilla has now become a mother to her adorable baby who is named Joaquin. But because of the circumstances that Kylie’s biological mother is now living in Australia, the only one left to step in as a mother is Mariel Rodriguez-Padilla who provides comfort and guidance for Kylie. While other people believe that she is very unlucky to be away from her real mother, she firmly believes that she’s lucky to have Mariel Padilla which could help her through her life-changing event of being a mother.

In the following interview, Kylie revealed how Mariel stood up for her when she’s pregnant which always comforts her when she’s desperate for guidance and heartfelt love from a mother. As Kylie gets interviewed about her experiences with Mariel, she quickly turns emotional about it and shared about how Mariel fervently lends out a hand for her to face the struggles she needs to accomplish.

While being interviewed, Kylie stated that:

“My mom’s not here as she is in Australia. She’s taking care of my two siblings there so understandable, right? Pero Hindi ko in-expect na… Wait lang, I don’t wanna cry.”

“Hindi ko in-expect na my stepmother would be the step-in mother,” Kylie revealed.

Although Mariel is busy taking care of baby Isabella, she still manages to provide enough time to guide her husband’s children especially Kylie who needs her because she’s already a mom.

Even though Mariel is taking care of her own baby, Isabella, still aids in providing enough time for Robin Padilla’s children more importantly to Kylie as she badly needs a motherly advice.

She also added:

“She is texting me every day: ‘How are you?’ ‘Take this lesson,’ ‘You have to have this when you’re pregnant.’ Life got so much easier. And she’s doing this while she’s a mother to her kid.”

“Thank you so much. I mean, kakaiba rin ‘yong love n’yo sa akin. Thank you, Tita.”

“I’m really thankful to have her in my life right now. She’s being a mom to me, too,” Kylie expressed emotionally.


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