Sunday, 8 October 2017

Things You Should Do When Someone Suddenly Gets Electric Shocked

Electric cables can be found anywhere in the household. The appliances you have need electricity such as the television, fans, refrigerator, air con, etc. to work. Any of these that has electricity can cause electric shock.

Electric shock is defined as a sudden discharge of electricity through a part of the body. How can we manage emergencies like this? Here is how you manage the situation:

1. Always make sure that the electric appliance is removed from the power source. Turn it off first! It should either be powered off or disconnected from the direct power supply. Sometimes, a device needs to be connected, just make sure that is plugged in correctly. In a lot of cases, electrocution happens because there is loose connection present or even a broken connection occurs.

2. Always observe preventive measures. To prevent the shock from flowing through your body, always wear gloves and especially footwear in using the electrical device.

3. If in case somebody is in shock, never touch him with your bare hands or else both of you will just get electrocuted. To address this issue, just use a wooden item or a hard plastic to relieve him from the electric shock.

4. Sometimes, getting unconscious after an electric shock happens and you must be alert on these. If someone gets electric shocked, just tell them to view him down on the ground. The position of hands should be one at the straight back and the other hand kept his head. Knees are folded but one knee is folded against one leg and the other knee keep the other one straight on the ground with this position, consciousness can now be regained.

5. If you have witnessed extremes and saw that the person getting electrically shocked to have stopped breathing then contact a doctor immediately. You can also try CPR or known as Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation for proper breathing restoration.

We hope that you learned a lit with these and remember always take care of yourself and be extra. Extra in a way that you should be extra careful!


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