Friday, 17 November 2017

10 Popular Female Local Celebrities With Super-Rich and Handsome Partners

Despite being keenly silent about their relationship status, these celebrities can't hide their love affair with their avid fans. Almost all of their obsession sometimes leads to unnecessary stalking of their private lives.

But regardless of this, some of them really seeks to meet the happiness of their celebrity idol having one of the best bachelors in town.

Check out these female celebrities and their wealthy partners:

1.Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff

Erwan is a brother of Solenn Heussaff who is also one of the closest friends of Anne. Erwan is a very successful businessman who owns 7 restaurants here in Manila. He is also a known celebrity through his blogs on his YouTube Channel. Erwan and Anne Curtis are now enjoying their married life very recently.

2. Jasmine Curtis and Jeff Ortega

The Ortega clan has been an influential family in the La Union. Jeff's family came from a political clan that owns a lot of private businesses and also a known surfing school in San Juan.

3. Georgina Wilson and Arthur Burnand

Georgina is currently the girlfriend of Arthur Burnand. He owns a sock company which is based in the United Kingdom. He also represents the Swire Properties Company in China.

4. Rhian Ramos and Jason Choachuy

Jason Choachuy is a well-known race car driver and a Chinese Businessman. He is the rumored boyfriend of Rhian Ramos.

5. Julio Villafuerte and Bianca King

Bianca King's partner, Julio, is from a well-known powerful clan of Villafuerte in Bicol. He is the youngest brother of Governor Migz Villafuerte who is currently the Governor of Camarines Sur. Their family has also been reported to own an export company that reached 20 Million USD in sales since 2006.

6. Yam Concepcion and Miguel Cu Unjieng

Miguel Cu Unjieng, Yam Concepcion's rumored boyfriend, is a corporate program manager at Ceres Inc. which is based in Boston, USA.

7. Alex Gonzaga and Mikee Morada

The family of Mikee Morada owns a rural bank in Lipa, Batangas having a total of 8 branches so far. The Morada family is a very influential people in Batangas City.

8. Nikki Gil and Bj Albert

Bj got married to Nikki Gil very recently. He is a known businessman with his family manages Fila Philippines.

9. Claudia Barretto and Basti Lorenzo

Basti Lorenzo's family owns a lot of food franchises such as Pancake House, Dencio's, Teriyaki Boy, Yellow Cab and Pepper Steak. They also have got a franchise of Max's Restaurant very recently.

10. Arci Munoz and Anthony Ng

It is supposedly rumored that Anthony Ng is the current boyfriend of Arci Munoz. He owns a company that supplies meat in many restaurants across Metro Manila and also in SM Supermarkets.

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