Thursday, 16 November 2017

11 Gorgeous Local Celebrities Who Are Happy Being A Single

Most of the celebrities are always the topic of every newspaper and social media which is about their usual lives and relationship status. Almost all of their fans put their efforts and spend much time just to be updated with their idols. But some of these celebrities are spending their time being single and having a lot of fun.

Almost every fan gets crazy about it and pressures these female celebrities to have a relationship with their desired leading men. But despite all of it, all of these fans just want them to be happy and loved.

Check out the list of these single beautiful celebrities in the Philippine Show business:

1. Erich Gonzales

Many suitors had lined up for Erich after her controversial issue between her break up with Daniel Matsunaga. Even there a lot of men tries to sweep off her feet; it seems like none could ever win her heart yet. 

However, it seems like no one has won her heart yet. She spends most of her time as a single lady, traveling and exploring new things.

2. Bela Padilla

Rumors have it that there is a secret relationship between Bela and Zanjoe Marudo. Even both of them denies these allegations, Bela is enjoying her career and blessings in her projects as a Kapamilya actress while having a single life.

3. Yassi Pressman

Yassi rarely talks about her love affair and life on-screen. Although it has been confirmed that she is single, her career as a Kapamilya actress makes her concentrate on her career and passion for dancing.

4. Ritz Azul

Ritz remains single at the age of 23 and states that she still have never tried having a relationship. She now focuses her time on her career even though she admitted that having a boyfriend won't hinder her success in her profession. She seeks her priorities first which is to be more successful rather than being in a relationship.

5. Angelica Panganiban

She has been currently linking with a lot of famous actors which she previously got affiliated with because of her work. Even though she was a trail of heartaches from his past relationship, Angelica is typically enjoying her single life in which she spends more time in pampering herself.

6. Shaina Magdayao

A lot of fans supports and love Shaina because of her bubbliness and her humble image off-screen. She recently admitted in an interview that she wished to be a nun and be of service which did not happen. She decided to build a foundation instead of being in such calling. Shaina is currently happy in her single life and career.

7. Yen Santos

In her recent interview, Yen admitted that she wants to focus on her career as it demands much of her time and effort. She doesn't want to prioritize any love affair and be in a relationship still. She's not just ready for anything like this just yet although she wants to have a funny boyfriend.

8. Chienna Filomeno

A lot of suitors tries to woe Chienna however she doesn't want to be in any relationship as of now. She tries to focus on her career instead and enjoys her time with her pet dogs.

9. Ria Atayde

There are certain rumors that hints out that Ria is having a love affair with Joseph Marco yet the allegations were denied as Ria clarified it in an interview which she incited that they are just friends. She also wants to concentrate more on her career as a TV celebrity.

10. Sue Ramirez

Sue remains single even though she has been linked with a member of the Boyband PH. Sue denies the rumors about it and wants to enjoy the single life to the fullest.

It is certain that they mostly want to focus more on their career and enjoy the benefits of being single. True love can wait, and they just want to be patient for the things that would come to their life especially love.

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