Saturday, 11 November 2017

A 399-Year-Old Painting With a 200-Year-Old Yellowing Varnish Was Been Remove By An Art Expert, and The Result Is Amazing

Most old paintings are usually provided with a protective coating to preserve the texture and color of the painting which will aid in avoiding it from wear and discoloration.

In this painting, the coating was provided about two hundred years ago in an oil portrait of an unknown lady which is made in the year 1618. The painting was coated with a thick layer of varnish which was recently removed from the painting which drastically showed its true beauty. Fortune Philip Mould, an art expert, and BBC One host shared a video with his followers on his social media account that revealed the real beauty and radiance of the painting by removing its varnish coating which astonishes all of its viewers.

“A remarkable Jacobean re-emergence after 200 years of yellowing varnish,” he captioned in his post on Twitter.

The information about the "Woman in Red" is still unknown yet the age of the woman in the painting was 36 years old at the time. The artist that restores the painting demonstrated a high-level of skillset in his practiced craft. Even though there is a high risk of failure in restoring such delicate artwork, he still managed to clear the varnish and showcased the lush colors behind it.

Mould stated: “The painting was originally in a private collection in England.”

The 1618 old portrait painting of an unknown lady which covered with a thick layer of varnish coating about 200 years ago.

“We started the restoration of the painting after extensive testing of the varnish on an oil surface on oak panel, Mould explained.”

“A mixture of gel and solvent was created, specifically just to remove the varnish and not to damage the underlying paint. It’s different from normal restoration, with the gel suspending the solvent and working more controllably, he emphasized.”

The painting is a real mystery for it still has no lead of information regarding it.

Watch the video of how they restored the painting.

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