Wednesday, 29 November 2017

A Man Calls His OFW Wife To Tell That Their Three Children Died From a Tragic Fire Incident

An unfortunate event occurred on November 23, 2017, at the exact time of 5:00 PM onwards, as a tragic fire incident that completely burned a house which is owned by Agerico Diloy Sr. at Bangga Totong, Brgy. Felisa in Bacolod City.

But the saddest part of the news is that three of his children were taken by the fire and burned them into ashes. The fire started inside the house and they were all together through the incident.

The fire spread fast enough because the house is made of light and combustible materials leaving it easily burnt down.

Arthur Diloy (4 years old, male), Agerico Diloy Jr. (3 years old, male) and Mary Auxencia Diloy a.k.a. Kaykay (2 years old, female) were the children who were trapped inside the burnt house.

The father of the children works as a community enforcer in Barangay Felisa. He was clearly not in the house when it happened and he stated that he is currently working away from home as reported by Bombo Radyo Bacolod.

Agerico left his children at home and ensured that the door was locked to keep them safe inside. He didn't bother to consider any fault or incident would be done to his children just by locking the door and it will be the doom of their tragic death.

The mother of the children could not bear the pain after hearing the sad news. The wife of Agerico works as a domestic worker at Dubai, United Arab Emirates. A video of Agerico Sr. has been posted by Bombo Radyo that features the tragic news being shared with his wife.

Check the video below:

Upon his interview, Agerico was happy when going home after buying food for his children for them to eat. He never thought that their life would end in such terrible way.

The Bureau of Fire Protection is still checking the possible cause of the tragic incident.

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