Monday, 20 November 2017

Man Forgot Where He Parked His Car ~ Then Found it After 20 Long Years

Back in the past, it was really hard for people to own cars which are very luxurious in the past and it seems that a few only could afford. Because of this, most car owners give an immense amount of effort in taking care of their cars. They value these cars more than their own lives but it seems that there are some who doesn't just as the case with a guy from Germany.

In the city of Frankfurt, Germany, a guy had a hard time finding his car which he supposedly parked it. He reported to the authorities that his car was stolen as if someone just took it.

Twenty years have passed, authorities were able to track down the allegedly stolen car. They got amused by the fact that the car that they just have found wasn't stolen at all. It turns out that the owner forgot where his car was previously parked and assumed that someone took it.

The car was found in a garage near an old industrial building that was about to be destroyed which is reported by the

The demolition team reported to the police that there is a strange car that blocks the way where the building is about to be destroyed. After the investigation of whom the owner of the car was, the police located the forgetful man.

The police went to the 76-year old man and told the location of the car. Together with his daughter, the police drive them directly to the building where the car was parked. But it seems that the car could no longer be of use anymore as it is old and the engine won't start anymore.

Authorities from Frankfurt said that: “The car can no longer be driven and will be sent to the scrap heap.”

It may seem to be a funny incident but most people need to be more careful about how they handle their things. This experience may serve as a lesson to everyone to avoid misunderstandings and prevent a complicated situation which could pose a delay and inconvenience to some people.

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