Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Ang Nakaka-Iyak na Istorya ng Isang Doktor na Mas Piniling Iligtas ang Buhay ng Isang Pasyente Kahit Tinawagan na Siya ng Kanyang Pamilya at Sinabing ang Kanyang Ama ay Malapit ng Pumanaw

It is not every day you wouldn’t see an act of selfless love. Sacrificing so much for the benefit of others is not an easy feat. As a doctor shows this such devotion for his work, he gained a lot of praise from people in the social media.

He was identified as the 55-year old Doctor Zhang Xinzhi from Anhui, China. He took a very hard decision in his life as he sacrificed being with the dying moments of his father to save the life of his patient.

Dr. Zhang’s father was nearing his ill-fated as he lies on his deathbed. He was called to the hospital for an immediate surgical operation instead of being with his father. He knows he couldn’t delay the surgery and made an oath to do his job as a dedicated doctor to save a life. But before heading out to the hospital, he had a little bit of talk with his father as to why he needs to go and do his duty as a medical doctor. His father knows that his son has to do his noble work and be committed to it no matter what. 

His father couldn’t be much proud of his son and immediately understood the situation. His dying father had a smile on his face after his left and walked out of the room. The doctor rushed to the hospital, but he received a phone call that his father had passed away while he was preparing for the operation.

Dr. Zhang knew that he had sworn an oath to fulfill his duties to save lives no matter what although he had regretted not to stay for a little bit for his dying father’s last breath.

He remained calm and professional even having all of these in his thoughts. He focused primarily on his work for the next two hours trying to save his patient. He ignored all the calls through the entire operation just to do his job right.

After holding back his tears all throughout the procedure, he finally broke down after the surgery was completed and knew that patient is in a stable condition.

His colleagues were a little bit concerned to see him devastated and were surprised to learn about his father’s death even before the surgery is at hand. Because of this, he gained all the admiration from his co-workers.

Even though it is a tough situation for him, Dr. Zhang remains strong-minded and calm. He got a lot of praise especially when his story goes viral.

Kudos to Dr. Zhang for his marvelous works and sacrifice!



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