Friday, 10 November 2017

An Inspiring Story of A Couple Who Committed to Save 1 Million Pesos Out of Coin Changes from their Simple Dates

Most people have their very idealistic and romantic relationship goals in every moment of their life. Some have the weirdest goals, yet there are some who have some desirable goals they want to fulfill their relationship. But this couple has an exciting goal that they have achieved that is a quite hard thing to do.

Some achievements are worth mentioning like these two lovely couples shared that some might unlikely couldn't divulge to do.

It is really hard to commit to some necessities in life especially if you are engaging in a relationship where two must find a balance regarding their wants and needs but still in accord with their financial state. Spending a lot of effort and time for your time with your beloved also requires money to pamper each need.

Sometimes, you need to go out and eat through fine dining or go out of town just spend a quality time with your love which will surmount to money spending.

image: facebook/Yona Abella

But this couple tried to save their changes from their dates and getaways. They challenge themselves to earn money from their simple dates for their future.

The couple gets viral on the Facebook through their post “savings journey” as it earns a lot of shares and reactions to a lot of netizens. Yona Abella posted these photos with her boyfriend to show their willingness to succeed in their goal to earn a lot of money.

image: facebook/Yona Abella

They formed the coins in an exact shape of a “P1 M.” They present this signage which they will gladly subject to do regarding their goal for their savings.

Yona explained that she wants to challenge their relationship through earning a lot of money from the remaining coins they get in a day when they get home. Although it's not much of saving, they are willing to commit to their promise even if they only save a little.

Yona reiterated that the money would be used to buy for their needs in the future which is essential for a mature relationship. She also wants everybody to encourage themselves to do the same for their future so that they won’t have to cling to their parents for money.

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