Sunday, 26 November 2017

Billy Crawford Meets Coleen Garcia's Look-alike "Suman Girl"

This little girl is the little look-alike of Coleen Garcia, Billy Crawford's fiancee. On Saturday's November 25 episode of Little Big Shots, one of the guests is Ruhaina, also known as "the suman girl".

This cute little girl went viral last year after a netizen spotted her and take a picture of her, then uploaded in social media with a comparison of Coleen Garcia's photo.

She is 8-years-old and was seen selling Suman. Her picture gone viral online and capture the heart of netizen because of her young age she already working just to earn money. 

In the show of hosted by Billy Crawford, Ruhaina was invited to appear and share his talent and story on the said show. She also demonstrates how to wrap human together with Billy Crawford.

Billy also asserted that the little girl and her fiancee Collen has almost the same face, he also said that: “Matagal mo bang kapatid si Coleen, na ‘di mo sinasabi sa amin?,” Billy said jokingly. [Are you and Coleen siblings, which you have long been keeping from us?]

image source: facebook/sumangirl

According to the little girl's story that she was abandoned by her parents and lived with her uncle. She also said that she was helping her uncle to earn money by selling suman (RICE CAKE) in her spare time.

When her photos uploaded in social media she was called then the long lost twin sister of Coleen Garcia because she resembles the face of the Coleen.

The Little girl became emotional when she starts talking about her meeting her biological parents and her dreams to finish her study and help her uncle.

After she shares her talent and story, Billy Crawford gives a gift to the little girl which makes her happy a two big barbie toy with the same height with her. You can see the happiness on the face of Ruhaina which will make your heart melts.

Let's pray that this little girl will meet her biological parents soon, and have her dreams come true, as well as have the chance to give her a break in showbiz industry if possible.

Here’s a shared video by Little Big Shots PH via YouTube:

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source: kickerdaily


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