Friday, 24 November 2017

Brave Filipino OFW Saved Trapped Man In The Middle of a Flood Street While Everyone Is Just Watching

There are many different stories today in Social Media that you can read to help you eased your boredom. Many people browsing the internet are looking for entertainment to read and one of the stories that have viral and received a lot of compliments and praises is the story of a Filipino Ofw who saved an Arab citizen in the middle of the strong rain and flooded street.

We can't deny that today's world is full of discrimination, racism, and selfishness. It is really hard to find someone today who is willing to offer life just to save other. But the story of this man is extraordinary. 

Middle-east is one of the dry countries in the world and it is very rare to experience a heavy rain climate in this region where it always has the hottest weather. That's why people in this country are easily panicking when it comes to strong rain and flood because they don't experience this usually and they don't know what to do.

In a video posted on social media where several vehicles are trap in a flooded street. A man was trap inside his vehicle and panicking and calling for help. He doesn't know what to do because the water is rising and he could be sweep away any soon. 

Some people are calling for help, and an officer of Civil Defense also tried to help the man stuck in his car and tried to walk on the elevated area to get near him wearing their life vest but fail to get down to where the man is.

This man is panicking and asking for help.

Luckily a brave Filipino OFW named Danlood Balindo was stood up and did not hesitate to swim all the way to the car and help the man get out of there and get him to the nearest safe place. 

This man gained a lot of praises and compliments because of his brave and will to help other people who are in needs in this type of trouble.

What are your thoughts about the heroic deed of this brave man? Share us by leaving your comment in the comment section.


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