Sunday, 12 November 2017

Good News! NBI Clearance is Now an Authorized Identification with Multi-Purpose Use

It is important for every citizen to be clear from their NBI clearance which is essential mainly for employment. It is a form of requirement for identifying the criminal acts or cases that were filled in the courts of the Philippines. It could be used by the organization to validate and check the identity of the person.

The expiration of the NBI Clearance is just about six months in the past years, but now it has been re-evaluated and extended its length of expiration to a full length of one year.

The clearance is now “Multi-purpose” as its new format and could use for different types of transactions and procedures. Not only it could be used for personal identification and employment purposes, but it could also serve in different aspects of organizations even private or government sectors.

Nicki Suarez, a public information officer at NBI, told that: “This is in line with the present administration … to simplify the government process. Kasama ang NBI doon kaya ito ang resulta ng aming ginawang effort.”

For a price of PHP 115.00 per copy, the application of the NBI clearance certificate could obtain. It is also renewable for any transactions to accommodate according to the NBI-Information and Communication Technology Division Deputy Director, Atty. Jojo Yap.

With the newest facility in the NBI agency, this new multipurpose NBI clearance could be used for a variety of transactions and events. It could also be used as a proof for Filipinos to authenticate their identity for citizenship or travelling abroad.

Last October 2, 2017, the NBI agency had undergone the release of this Multi-purpose clearance. Meanwhile, all people who had recently obtained their NBI clearance later since October 2, 2017, have been mandated for these changes and must subject themselves for the renewal to experience the use for the certificate of the multi-purpose clearance.

If you wish to have multiple copies of the said certificate, you must pay a price of PHP 115.00 per copy in case you’ll be needing many forms for your transactions.

To be sure, you can contact the NBI @:

You can also contact the NBI agency for your inquiries or locate the nearest NBI clearance booth:

Telephone no. 523-8231 to 38 local 5523; 526-1294

Call or Text: 6:00am to 6:00pm

0917-9999421; 0920-4129999; 0999-5699964

The process of securing this multi-purpose clearance doesn’t change the procedure for getting it is still the same. You also must wait for a specific time just to obtain the said certificate just be sure to comply with the exact date.

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