Thursday, 30 November 2017

Look Millions of Red Crabs Migrate Annually and Almost Cover the Entire Island

There is a certain time of a year where millions of red crabs march their way from the lairs that would pass through the forest which would directly cross towards the Pacific Ocean. It is the Christmas Island in Australia where the female crabs lay their eggs.

Red crabs migrate on a specific time of the year that's why many tourists travel all the way to Australia just to see such great views where they could witness millions of crabs crawl all over the island.

According to the website Definitely Filipino that the number of crabs that can cover the whole island has an estimate of 40-50 million. The website of the tourism station of Christmas Island validates the record.

Every year, the local government that harbor in the island makes an effort to support the crabs from going across the island by closing down all the roads that are considered to be a great deal of terrain for the crabs to pass to provide them a safe journey. 

The red crabs would travel all the way from the mountain to the sea without the possibility of putting them into danger that could cause by some motorists who are passing the road. They also provided some man-made bridges for the red crabs to pass.

It is suggested the male crabs are the one who leads the consortium to the sea. They usually wait for the female crabs to come across the sea after laying their eggs. 

Female crabs could easily identify by their large egg sacs in the lower part of their body. Each of these egg sacs contains thousands of eggs.

After these female crabs lay their eggs, they will eventually meet with the male crabs and go back to their holes. After nine days, the eggs would hatch, and these millions of hatch-lings would climb the mountain.

Watch the video here to be amazed by their marvelous adventure:

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