Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Mariel Padilla Respond With a Fierce Comment To a Basher Who Questioned Her Spending Too Much On Her Baby Isabella

Some people want the best for their newborn baby, that's why they spend a lot of expensive things not just for needs but also to express how much they love their baby.

Mariel Rodriguez and Robin Padilla recently celebrated the first birthday of their newborn baby. The party was posted on the social media and gained a lot of reactions and comments. There is netizen who are happy for the couple, but there are also people who can't control their negativity and express their negative advice.

Mariel Padilla has recently questioned why she spent a lot of her baby, Isabella. It is not the first time that Mariel questioned about her spending, but in a recent post of Mariel on her Instagram account were she shares baby Isabella's clothing, there is netizen who reacted with an unsolicited advice:

The baptism of Isabella also shows an extravagant event, with President Duterte as one of Isabella's ninong.

Mariel posted all these photos on her Instagram Account until one netizen allegedly questioned Mariel on her spending habit to her baby. Mariel didn't hold back and fired back with a fierce comment.

“I apologize for deleting your message. I shouldn’t have. But because you are the only one with the audacity to question what I do for my family, you deserve a response from me. When it comes to my husband and child, I will really go all out. I will spend our hard earned money the way I want to.”

“Regarding your Marawi question… In case you didn’t know, we donated P 5 million to Marawi. We continue our service to them this day. In fact on November 22, we slaughtered 3 cows and distributed it to the people of Marawi.”

“So no, I did not just give 1 peso go Marawi. Don’t worry I will not ask how much YOU gave. Instead, I pray that you give your child the best you can because ultimately as a mother I know that is all that we want…only the best for our loved ones. God bless you,”

After Mariels hits back with fierce response with her bashers, some netizen also fires back with mariels bashers:

"Bes di niya pinag yabang yun she's just stating the facts. Mga tao kasi ngayon kung ano ano nalang mga sinabi di naman nila alam whats really going on , on other peoples lives. Ayan tuloy, burn."

"I will buy what I want for my kids as long as I can afford. Wag nyo na pakielaman yung mga branded stuff na binibili nila. Pera nila yun kaya wala tayong pakielam kung san nila gusto gastusin."

"Have you ever thought of Mariel's struggles to have a baby? Sa dami ng pinagdaanan niya, gusto niya lang ibigay ang best para sa baby niya. Nataon din na they can afford to have branded thing, throw the best parties, etc. Why does it matter to some people? May ambag ba sila sa pera nila Mariel? Uggghh. Buti sana kung pulubi sila tas spend pa ng spend sa kung ano ano diba?"

"Bakit kasi ang hilig makialam ng iba on how to handle one's life? Kesyo dapat di bumili ng ganito, ganyan kasi mahal, luho, etc. First of all, di niyo naman pera ang ginamit. Second, magkakaiba tayo ng estado sa buhay. Malay ba natin kung barya lang yan para kay Mariel. Nakapag donate nga sila ng 5M sa Marawi agad agad. Who are we to judge?"

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source: btnewsflash


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