Thursday, 16 November 2017

Meet The Couple with 13 Sons, They Bow to Each Other to Keep Having a Baby Until They Have a Daughter

In Concei ao de Coit, Brazil, there is a very interesting couple who are married for almost two decades and wants to have a daughter despite having 13 sons. They promised each other to try still to have a daughter because they were only blessed with sons.

Ireneu Cruz, a 40-year old farmer, with his wife, Jucicleide Silva, are hard-working parents to 13 boys, with the eldest whose age is 18 years and the youngest with an infancy age of only a month. 
They promised each other that they would continue making babies until they have a baby girl. They had hoped that their 13th child would be a girl, but they have been dismayed when the midwife announced that it was a baby boy.

As social community experts had said, there is only a ratio of 1:8000 chance of having thirteen boys in a row. This makes their family genuinely unique. They even agreed that the father would name their child if it is a boy otherwise the mother would name it if its a girl. Still, Jucicleide hasn't been able to name any of their kids because of their situation.

“When Jucicleide first got pregnant we agreed she could choose the girls’ names and I would choose the names if they were boys," Ireneu stated.

“I’ve always admired players like Rivaldo, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldinho, and Robinho,” He added.

Ireneu also explained that: “All the best footballers seemed to have a name beginning with R, so as more and more boys came along, I decided to celebrate South American football by naming my sons after the players I liked."

The Brazilian couple has 13 sons with a one-month-old infant child as their youngest child.

Here are the lists of names of their children with their respective age: Robson, 18; Reinan, 17; Rauan, 15; Rubens, 14; Rivaldo, 13; Ruan, 12; Ramon, 10; Rincon, 9; Riquelme, 7; Ramires, 5; Railson, 3; and Rafael, 2.

The youngest boy was named Ronaldo. Anyone could likely tell that these names came from renowned football players.

It is not that surprising that Ireneu wants to have a football player from one of his boy and wishes for them to become a star. He even coaches and referees football games with his sons and their village football team every week.

He stated that: “It would be amazing if one of our boys ended up playing for Brazil. They are all good footballers particularly Robson and Rauan who are our star strikers. The exception is Reinan who prefers chasing girls.”

He prays that his children, including Railson, aged 3 years, and Rafael, aged 2 years, become professional players someday.

Also, Ireneu also explained that: “We don’t have any medals. When we win, we get a goat or a box of drink and some food for the children.”

Jucicleide wished nothing but happiness with her big family. She explained that: “Every lunchtime I cook a kilo of rice, a kilo of beans and an extra-large packet of macaroni. Of course, there are times when things are tough, but nobody ever goes hungry.” If we have one loaf of bread, it’s divided and shared among everybody. The good thing is that all my boys are well behaved.”

Still, Jucicleide isn’t letting go of the thought that she will have a baby girl someday.
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