Friday, 10 November 2017

Meet Hope Howard a Former Air Force Mechanic Who Was Deployed In Afghanistan and Now Turning Her Head as a Fitness Model

Being on the field of duty in Afghanistan is a very honorable feat for a person to serve their country. Hope Howard is one of the luckiest people that was able to serve the military as an air force mechanic at the age of 19. She wanted to have this kind of job before leaping into a modeling career.

She learned a lot of things on how to lift heavy equipment and also on how to build body with proper nutrition during her job in the air force. After serving for many years in Afghanistan, her dream of becoming a fitness model when she was a kid hit her, and she realizes to take a leap in her career.

When she was only 19, she took the military service and had been deployed to Afghanistan as a mechanic in the air force.

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She always wanted to be a model when she was younger, yet she wanted to have an oath to her country for her calling. After all her experience in Afghanistan, she tried to pursue her dream as a model.

It makes her realize her passion for fitness and got obsessed with the idea to make it her goal.

Her job in Afghanistan helped her to gain a lot of experience for building the body and also with weight lifting.

Through proper nutrition and body workouts, it made her become a lot of healthier and fit.

Hope made a lot of efforts for almost 4 years just to become a personal physical trainer and weightlifter.

She achieved all of it through her fortitude and will which made her reach her goals in life. Now that she had served her country, she is now willing to make an effort in training while melting people’s heart through her fabulous body.

She has millions of fans following her through her success as a fitness trainer and a model.

Through her experience in the United States Air Force, it made her resilient and strong which later then revealed to her to set a befitting career for her as a model and fitness instructor.

She also revealed that after her graduation, she had joined the United States Air Force and during that job, she re-evaluated her career of becoming a model.

Hope’s story is an excellent example for all that they must not let your dreams fade especially if they desire it with good intentions.

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