Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Meet Kim Chiu's Simply But Stunning Sister That You Will Surely Adore

One of the most promising "Kapamilya" actress in terms of beauty and acting prowess is none other than Kim Chiu. After winning the Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition TV series, she immediately got her stardom from different projects and movies at a very fast pace.

The 27-year old actress, Kim, is the fourth from the five children of the Chinese businessman from Mindoro, William Chiu. In 1998, both of Kim's parents got separated which made her distantly apart from both of them. She and her siblings got raised by their paternal grandmother who made her connection to them.

She had been so successful in her acting career that almost every Filipino support her every action in her life. Not only her, but they also sought her family's life especially her sister Wendolyn "Twinkle" Chiu.

Twinkle is the older sister of the well-known chinita princess, Kim Chiu. Almost everyone focuses directly on Kim Chiu because of her constant appearance on TV. But some people adorned her sister because of her beauty and sexiness which makes most men line up to her.

Check out some of her gorgeous photos!

She works as a flight attendant and currently doesn't want to enter the TV scenes. She is contented with her profession and private life which she enjoys with her friends and family.

Wendolyn Chiu was also got associated with one of the most cherished TV personality, James Reid. But according to some recent sources, James says that it's all just a misunderstanding, and they were just good friends, to begin with.

Here are some of Wendolyn's very attractive photos in her bikini. Check out her very fascinating image:

With her beauty, it is not a question that she might also get into the show business someday. What are your thoughts? Share this article!



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