Thursday, 16 November 2017

Meet The Very Brave and Beautiful Woman Who Immediately Aided Her Fellow Passenger Who Loses Right Arm in an Accident at MRT Line 3

Mrt is the busiest railway lines in the Philippines and it carries millions of passenger every day. A recent tragic accident happens last Tuesday, November 14, 2017, which made many people shocked where a woman accidentally ripped off her hand of at MRT at Ayala station in Makati City.

According to the report that the woman was identified as Angeline Fernando, 24 years old, from Pasay City. The guards at MRT said that the Angeline suddenly collapsed due to dizziness and fell off the train track then got caught in between the first and second train cars were her right arm cut off.

Luckily there was a superwoman who didn't get scared and hesitate and immediately helps the victim and applies first aid to avoid too much loss of blood. 

The said woman who helps the victim is a post-graduate intern at Chinese General Hospital and Medical Center, her name is Charleanne Osita Jandic who also studied at St. Paul University Ilo-ilo.

image: facebook/Charleanne Osita Jandic

image: facebook/Charleanne Osita Jandic

image: facebook/Charleanne Osita Jandic

According to her statement that she was going that time to her Aunt when the accident happens. A lot of people who saw the accident praised her for her courage and what she did to save the victim but stay calm and said that anyone who has the same experience in medical terms and procedure would do the same thing as she does just to help other those who are in needs.

She added in her statement that it is very hard to stop the extreme bleeding so what she did is she focused on the ripped arm and try to cover it with shoal to stop the bleeding. She also said that the guards at MRT did not respond immediately to help the victim because of the total shocked then responded after she orders. 

She also orders the guards to give her the belt and call for an ambulance to respond as soon as possible. The victim was very lucky to have this superwoman around when the accident happens that helps her to save a lot of blood and help her survive the tragic accident. 

Charleanne is truly a superwoman with a good heart and courage to help other people in times of trouble like this. She is not just beautiful inside but also outside. 

According to an update last November 15, that the right arm of the victim was already reattached and under observation, gladly she is already safe and has her hopes again. 

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