Friday, 17 November 2017

Meet the Girl Who Inspired a Lot of Netizens With Her "Sky Flakes Diet"

Getting fat or excess weight is been a big problem for a lot of people because of the many disadvantages. According to an obesity researcher named Dr. Kelly Brownell that "Overweight people have a condition that is unacceptable in our society,". Fortunately, fat people always have the chances and choices whether they will remain fat or leave this condition through exercise and diet.

A Facebook user named Kimberly Marie Gallernero shared her story and experience of being mocked by other people because of her fat body. She experienced calling her name such as, "taba, tabachoy, baboy, pader, apardor," and even telling her that she will never get thin and will stay fat until gets old.

“Before kasi mag-didiet ako pero 1linggo lang kasi masarap ulam. Masisisi mo ba ko kung masarap luto ng mommy at ate ko? Hindi ko rin alam kung may pag-asa ba talaga ko na pumayat kasi wala eh. Ang hirap. Ang laki ko sobra. Masarap kumain,” Gallenero shared in her Facebook post.

image source: facebook/Kimberly Marie Gallenero

She also posted a throwback when she was in Kinder:

image source: facebook/Kimberly Marie Gallenero

She also added, “Down na down ako nung sinabi nila yun sakin. Pero thank you sakanila kasi kung hindi nila sinabi yun sakin? Malamang hindi ko ipupush baguhin tong katawan ko.”

Because of the insults she received every day, she decided to pursue her desire to get thin and decided to eat less even though she sees her family eating delicious food that craves her too much. She even posted her diet plans she followed to reduce her weight.

image source: facebook/Kimberly Marie Gallenero

Gallerno continued to motivate herself to lose weight and promised herself that she will not break her diet plan whatever happens. After a month of sticking to her diet plan, Gallernero maintained to motivate herself that she will achieve that body she wants. February 2, 2016, is the marked of her first year of her journey to a thin and sexier body. She posted her experience and success to help inspire other people who also experienced that way she had.

“I just want to inspire and motivate other people na feeling nila porket mataba sila eh forever na. Wala pong forever! At, hindi porket mataba eh pangit na,” she pointed out.

She even thanks the people who ridiculed her because of them she pursued her desire to get thick even it was really hard because of too many temptations and cravings. She survived the challenge of her life and lead her to success and achievement she has now. She also thanked the Lord for guiding her throughout her journey.

Gallenero’s post has already reached 60,000 likes, 15,000 shares and 14,500 comments.

What are your thoughts about her story, did she inspired you? Share this articles so that there are many fat people we can help too and inspired them that their body is not permanent unless they make their move and effort to achieve just what Gallerno did.



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