Sunday, 19 November 2017

Obsessed Ex-Girlfriend Bombards Ex-Boyfriend with 27,600 Calls in a Week Because She Couldn’t Move on after the Breakup

Some people could easily move on from break up. They tend to get along with it in just a matter of time and starts fresh all over again. But there are some people who couldn’t bear the thought of heartache and sometimes misleads them in their life.

A 28-year old girl named Kelly Murphy from Alberta was arrested following a case of over-obsession to her ex-boyfriend, Randy Williams. In just a span of a week, she made a call for about of 27,639 times, she also sent Randy 937 emails, 11,229 text messages, 117 voice mails and 47 handwritten letters.

With all her efforts just to get his attention, Randy almost got into a depressive state.

The two of them have just been together for only two weeks, but Kelly couldn’t bare their breakup and eventually made her insanely obsessive. She used different phones just to call Randy’s phone. She also calls his home and workplace just to get a grip on his boyfriend. It made Randy’s life hard and did his daily living.

Kelly managed to do all of these sorts by consuming energy drinks and amphetamines in high dosage just to make her active 24/7 calling him nonstop.

Randy now finds some peace and comfort now that Kelly is finally behind bars. He could finally have some rest without anyone bothering him at night. According to J.D. James Kilroy, Randy’s lawyer, he could enjoy his life with being paranoid because of Kelly’s obsession towards him.

In his lawyer's statement, James Kilroy told The Coverage:

“He hasn’t been able to sleep, work or enjoy life in any way, for more than a week. He was having a hard time thinking clearly and was nearing depression. It was about time the harassment ceased. Now, all we want is for Ms. Murphy to get the medical help she needs, and for the law to keep her away from my client."

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