Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Remember Badjao Girl? She is now Working as a Part-time Model While She Continue Her Studies

It is amazing how she gets to stardom with just getting a viral stint with her photogenic pictures. Rita Gaviola, A.K.A. "Badjao girl," got instantly famous after getting a shot of her while pleading for alms at the "Pahiyas Festival in Quezon Province."

With her photos reaching a lot of fame, a lot of queries about her whereabouts have been asked. At first, she was really scared why some of the police were looking for her. She thought that she might have done something wrong. But after learning that they were searching for her because of the matters with her stardom, it changed the prospect of her life and her family for good.

A lot of good people also helped her in such ways that she could've imagined. It helped her step into the limelight which made her successful in her career.

She told in her interview with the Inquirer that long before, her family couldn't have some decent meal at least once a day. She and her four siblings that try to seek for alms or any small donations.

Mayor Roderick Alcala of Lucena City gave her father some decent work just to provide for their family in the city government's general services office. But it made her really happy when she was given a scholarship which now she really focuses on so that she could pursue her dream as a teacher. She has a very admirable determination in seeking aid for street children to educate them in her own way.

It was very recent that she had just celebrated her 14th birthday and was very thankful for her fans that they gave her a meaningful event. She wore a pink gown that made her felt like a princess for her very first birthday celebration.

She told in her interview with the ABS-CBN news:

“Hinding hindi ko po malilimutan ang kaarawan kong ito, dahil first time ko pong mag celebrate ng birthday at ganito pa! Maraming maraming salamat po sa nag-ayos at nag-asikaso para mangyari din ito.”

[I'll never forget this birthday event because it is the very first time that I would celebrate such occasion! I'm so thankful for the ones who arranged and made an effort to make this happen.]

A lot of projects and modeling events came to her that makes her blessed even though she focuses on her studies. She attended a fashion show on Market Market this past September.

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A post shared by Rita Gaviola (@babyrita13) on

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A post shared by Rita Gaviola (@babyrita13) on

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In her recent post on Facebook, she stated that she would be in an upcoming movie.

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