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Security Guard Inspired a Lot of People After Passing the Licensure Examination for Teachers

It is really inspirational to see people succeed in their trials and struggles in life through dedication and hard work. Their willingness to pursue their dream and drive themselves to push their limit is really an amazing feat that really impresses a lot of people.

Erwin Macua's story proved that every trial in life, no matter how hard it is, must be endured and must be faced in order to succeed. Way back in March 2017, Erwin successfully graduated with latin honor as a Cum Laude with his Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education at Saint Theresa's College in Cebu.

This is exactly about the story of Erwin Macua is all about. Back in March 2017, Macua successfully graduated as a Cum Laude from his Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education course at Saint Theresa’s College in Cebu.

It is surprising to learn that he is not your typical college student. Before he graduated, he was the school's security guard for more than 17 years.

Almost all netizens in different platforms of social media learn about his very inspirational story that became viral in March. They were quite amazed by his determination to attain his dreams despite his age. He also provided all of his family's needs even he was still studying.

His resolve towards achieving his goals made him successfully pass the Licensure Exam for teachers last September 2017.

Superbalita Cebu Facebook page also upload a video clip of Macau's interview after passing the board exam. During his interview, he was working his duty as a security guard at that time.

He was asked about his message for the people who have supported him through his studies and said that: “I am very thankful for them and here is where your help went to, I am now a licensed teacher. Hopefully, I will be able to use this title to help not only myself but also my children and other people who need my service”

He was also asked if he had straightened his plans for his future and leave his post as a security personnel. He said that: “Yes. I will have to leave this job for me to practice my profession as a licensed teacher.”

A lot of people especially those who are having a hard time studying have earned a lot of inspirational standards to look up for. He hoped that many people would still persevere in their accord towards their success.

Watch the video below:

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source: danified


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