Thursday, 9 November 2017

Silipin Nyo Ang Laman ng Napakamahal na Motorhome na Ito Na Nagkakahalaga ng Halos PHP 87.2 million na May Sariling Built In Garage

Many wealthy people always wanted to travel to different places and great outdoors. And sometimes, they also often suit themselves while traveling in the most luxurious ways as possible. That's why there are plenty of rich people who buy off their own motorhomes or “RVs” to meet their demands.

These fine grade RVs are like a five-star hotel suite room that is built inside a trailer-like car. One of the elite motorhomes is the Volkner Performance S with an enormous height of 40 feet that could also accommodate a high-end sportscar through its secret car garage.

It could be one of the highest valued cars out there where wealthy people use in traveling outdoors. This is installed with a fully-equipped kitchen, sleeping quarters, wooden and leather fittings, state-of-the-art entertainment room, and also has some sliding walls that could easily be redesigned to provide an extra space.

Its secret garage could easily fit car typed such as Ferarri, Porsche, BMW or Mercedes-Benz through the use of an electrohydraulic lift. It is located on the side of the RV where it can slide from the bottom.

You could purchase this RV for almost PHP 87.2 million or £1.2million if you are willing to spend such enormous amount of money for this motorhome.

If this mobile home interests you, then you should set aside a lot of money to purchase that – PHP 87, 179, 400.00 (£1.2million)!

The vehicle offers a different kind of vibe that allows its user to feel at home while having their adventures in the great outdoors.

According to the director of the German firm Volkner Mobil GmbH, Stephanie Volkner, the vehicle is their top of the line motorhome which none could compare to any other vehicles.

She stated that: “It is a house on wheels. Our clients normally have big companies. They want to travel freely. They want to decide when they start their journey, where they can go, not before. They look at the weather and start. They want to live in their own, very personal area. Exclusive is for everybody very different.”

“Some need a golden faucet to be exclusive. For me, it’s exclusive that the interior has harmony and all the materials are of the highest quality and their processing is at the highest level,” she added.

One of another feature of their automobile is that they can redesign the interior of the vehicle upon their clients taste and customize it regarding on the style they want. They also make sure that every inch of materials they use in redesigning the Volkner Mobil are always high-grade and high-quality.

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