Thursday, 16 November 2017

Take a Look at RYZZA MAE DIZON’S 3-Storey House In Quezon City That Is Worth Millions

Ryzza Mae Dizon, widely known as “Aleng Maliit,” had been one of the bubbliest child actresses who star at the Kapuso network since 2012. 

She started her appearance at the Eat Bulaga where she won the Little Miss Philippines because of her cheerful vibe. She had become one of the most famous child stars that appeared on the TV industry in which she had shown her talent in showcasing with her appeals.

After winning the contest in “Eat Bulaga,” Ryzza had been showered with so many blessings with her abundant TV programs and movie projects that somehow made her life secured. 

With her hard earned money from work, she was able to buy two cars and a three-story condominium for a place to stay with her family in Quezon City which was gathered from her savings. Her mom also had acquired a townhouse for their family which they improved and remodeled.

Ryzza also bought almost every furniture in their house. She had given a gray sectional sofa and a flat-screen TV along with the gadgets and equipment for the entertainment of the living room area.

They also have these modern style cabinets, cupboards, dining table and other utensils for their dining area. Their kitchen area also holds a lot of cooking equipment and utensils which makes it genuinely suitable for cooking.

Ryzza also had a personalized designed interior for her bedroom which is confined to baby pink walls, bright yellow cabinets and even with a flooring of comfy carpet.

They also have these very child-friendly features and design for their master’s bathroom. It got a bathtub that looks iconic and ideal for children to take a bath with a chair for reaching the lavatory for kids to reach it out and also some other bathroom fixtures.

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