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Take a Look at Sharon Cuneta's Ancestral Family House in Mandaluyong

Having a big house in an exclusive village must take a lot of effort and money. Sharon Cuneta has opened her ancestral home to the public where she shares how she values life with her family.

This is undoubtedly one of the most elegant homes that have a perfect design that makes most people envious about.

It is named as “The Fortress” by her close friends and has a great outdoor area which is perfect for family gathering and weekend get-along because of its enormous space and elegant interior designs.

They also have a two-story guesthouse on their property. The main house also has two living rooms with a very spacious area with an air-conditioning kennel.

It is an excellent place to unwind and have some stress relief. Sharon also revealed in her interviews that she doesn't particularly go out their house. She’d rather stay inside their house watching DVDs, reading books, and bonding with her kids.

Main Doors

Their house is design with bamboo curtains that have a more natural look and vibes rather than using thick drapes or heavy curtains. There are also some furniture sets behind the sides of the main door that provide a fill for their very spacious area.


Upon entrance to Cuneta's house, guest will surely captivate by the ornate sunburst-and-cherub art which Sharon bought in Paris. Each side has small chairs that give more vibrant feeling in the room.

Grand Staircase

The staircase is made of marbles and has an archaic iron rail that features a classy and elegant design. It also has an elevator near the round table with a tall vase.

Art Collection

Sharon also collects a lot of music and art gallery which provides a cozy feeling. The walls are filled with framed music sheets and a painting of a mother-and-child by Fr. Armand Tangi, a known priest, and painter.

It is also filled with precious artwork placed on the easel that is called “El Dios Pan” by Juan Luna. Sharon got this unique artwork from her friend Claude Tayag in Madrid that also made the easel.

Sharon personally chose all of the paintings and art crafts. On the other side of the corner, a painting by Antonio Leano makes the centerpiece attraction of a horse carriage.

First Living Area

This room is intended for Sharon’s guests and friends when they visit the house. The living room has a sala set that brightens up the vibe with its light interior designs with table lamps that gives a cozy feeling for the visitors.

Near the TV set is a door that leads to the foyer area while the other sliding doors under the AC units is a storage room for food. Guests could easily chill out on this place because of its attracting vibrance.

The house has a large area, to begin with, that’s why they placed a lot of partitions to allow some privacy. There is also another living area which is far from the main one that is enclosed with sliding glass doors that give a free space for the other areas.

Second Living Area

It is more different from the main room as it covered with a bright red color design that heightens up the mood of the area. It has a complete, elegant furnishings decorated with surreal designs. 

With its elegant nude chairs, artworks, decorative piece and other materials, there is no question that it is a beautiful place to hang out and gather with friends. 

All of this is from the moment that she collected from her travels abroad throughout the years of her career.

Decor Detail

The antique cabinet carved with floral designed was bought in Paris. It has a captivating piece of work that complements all the other furniture and apparels of the room. It's not that hard to notice some of the art pieces on the walls which were all made by the Filipino painter Mauro “Malang” Santos. Other paintings from the antique cabinet are also made by Anita Magasaysay-Ho and H. Stone.

Dining Area

The long dining table is high-quality furniture set which is from Paris that could accommodate 12 people. The table is a unique set which gives a vintage appeal to the area. It features a fleur-de-lis carvings on each side.

It also features two paintings made by Fernando Amorsolo placed on the wall that gives the room with valuable feeling.

Powder Room

Near the dining area is a comfortable room that features a very classic toiletry. It is filled with marble designs and glass partitions. It also has a very elegant and comfy vibe just like a 5-star hotel washroom.


Sharon’s family enjoys their kitchen too much since she loves to cook and bake. It is installed with top of the line appliances and cooking utensils. Their pantry is always filled with high-quality cooking ingredients and food supplies. They also have a dumbwaiter installed in their kitchen to deliver food between floors.

Outdoor Lounge Area

The lounge area is located on the ground floor of the guesthouse. It is near the pool which is perfect for some tranquil time.

They also got a swimming pool that is near a garden with lush green plants. It will surely be a good spot to hang out with their family and friends because of its picturesque view and calming outdoor vibes.

The area is also furnished with enough seats to accommodate a lot of people. It also has a bar counter for preparing foods, drinks and other entertainment uses.

Outdoor Pathway

The pathway is filled with tall bamboo trees that links the two living areas and back garden.

Swimming Pool

It is really an admirable place that most people get envious of. Enjoying this with your family could really be a worthwhile moment.

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