Sunday, 12 November 2017

Take a Look at Sylvia Sanchez's Modern House

One of the veteran stars in the league of show business, Sylvia Sanchez was one of the leading icons in most TV series here in the Philippines. In the tragic events in 2009, she was among the several celebrities that were affected by the super typhoon Ondoy and was required to relocate to a more better place because of the flooding. 

Her family found a nice place to settle in a residential/commercial property in an uneven neighboorhood in the North.

For them to recover from the devastation of the said typhoon, Sylvia Sanchez, with her children Arjo and Rea Atayde, considered to take a new place to live in a residential area for them to seek anew. In 2011, they got their new house in a residence which is prone to flooding due to its sloped area.

According to Sylvia, she said that place is perfect for their family which makes them feel secure and keep them from another tragic incident that they experienced before.

Sylvia and her family worked together in decorating and redesigning their house to make it more beautiful and attractive. She told that her husband mainly designed every detail in planning the entire structure and dealt with the construction. Sylvia then worked with the interior designs and furniture planning.

Check out the residence of the Atayde Family and enjoy the vibrancy of the heart-warming feeling of their house.

The two bedroom in the picture belongs to Sylvia’s children, Arjo and Rea.

What do you think about the house of Sanchez's Family? After the devastating event happened to their lives they still manage to stand and fight the struggle and achieve all of these through hard work and prayers. Well, we can achieve this kind of glamorous house too just believed in your self and hard work.

Credits to Real Living Philippines for sharing the photos!

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