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Take a Peek Inside Bea Alonzo’s Elegant and Classic Dream House

Before moving in into her beautiful dream house when she was 25, Bea Alonzo lived in a condo unit for almost six years. It was a luxurious house far cry from her old condo unit.

With her interview with PEP during her launch as an endorser of Sta. Lucia Land, Inc. last year, she recalled way back on her independent years.

She stated that: “It was hard for me the first year, ano. Kasi siyempre medyo magugulat ka na ikaw iyong magbabayad ng kuryente, ikaw yung mag-aayos ng madumi mong damit.”


“It was fun, scary, and exciting all wrapped in one,” Bea told that it was trivial and hard for her and she misses the times when she was living alone.

“Siguro if I’ve got another job, kung hindi ako artista, I don’t need a lot of people around me all the time to help me with my stuff, I would also live in a condo alone,” She noted in her interview.


She also explained how she had to accept the changes in her life and said that: “But of course, maganda rin na–siguro, depende rin sa saan ka sa buhay mo, kung nasaang estado mo sa buhay mo.”

“Like, right now, at 28, ngayon parang mas na-e-enjoy ko na mas malaking space alone,” she added.

Bea couldn’t take away her fondness for Asian artistry and design of her home as she was always into such beauty.

The total floor area of her dream house was 900 square meters. It is a huge house that has a vibrancy that gives the visitors a warming welcome because of its vivid designs and inviting appearance.

The dining area, on the other hand, has a simple design with neutral colors. The artwork which is brought in the wall is a Fil Dumalo piece that gives a defining balance around the area with its tone and textures.

She described in her interview that: ”Ang maganda dito, ‘yong pagpasok mo, ‘yong maaliwalas sa pakiramdam.”

The living room has a high-ceiling decorated with nine chandeliers and a very beautiful piano. She also featured her very expensive chess set.

She even cheerfully pulled a laugh about it as she told: “May pagka-social climber kasi ako! Hahaha!”


Their kitchen is filled with best equipment and top of the line cooking utensils in a complete set. They also have a TV screen installed in the room. They have an espresso machine and even an ice cream maker which is very astonishing to see. They even customized the cabinet so they can properly store their high-quality kitchen utensils. The kitchen has a sliding door that leads to a garden which is best for morning coffee time.



The master’s bedroom has a very ideal design with a very daydreaming feel. She wanted it to feel like as if she is a princess that lives in a fairy-tale like house matching the chandelier in her room. She also added a luxurious TV set and a walk-in room closet which is ridiculously large filled with her collection of designer products from the luxurious brands of Louboutin, Gucci, YSL, Chanel, and Prada. The center attraction of the room is a glass display of her high-valued accessories and jewelry.





Bea also shared that she loved her bathroom even more than her other rooms. It has a very spacious area with a bathtub and a shower room partitioned with glass doors. It also brightened by a chandelier inside which makes the room look so brilliant and dashing.

She even bragged about the inviting scent of her home which makes her visitors enticed and left with a feeling of awe.


She told these statements in her interview:

“I love home scents. Even at work, I bring home scents just so I feel comfortable. Kasi, di ba, we work more than 18 hours, sometimes 32 hours.”

“I bring home scents para lang I feel comfortable and at home.”

“Every single city na napupuntahan ko, I always see myself living in that city. It’s just my youth that tells me that I should."

“But at the end of the day, I would still choose the Philippines.”


Even the area outside the house is really magnificent and eye-popping. It feels like a 5-star resorts area with its sun-kissed pool and a veranda for hiding in some shade which is suited for her to have some chill moments

She even stated that she always thinks about ideas for her future family living inside her house.

“Nako, it’s so hard to say kasi nag-iiba siya. Like ngayon, nanood ako ng Million Dollar Decorators biglang, ‘Ah, I like this house!’ I like a Mediterranean kind of house, Mediterranean-inspired or Italian-inspired.

“Another time, manonood naman ako ng ibang show, I’d say, ‘Ah, mas gusto ko yata ng Filipino, tropical para low maintenance ganyan. So, nag-iiba talaga siya, She explained.”



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source: thegoodfeed


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