Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Talagang Maraming Netizen ang Natawa sa Post na ito ng Isang Kolehiyala Patungkol Sa Kanyang "Sabaw Moments" Habang Nakasakay sa Jeep

Here in the Philippines, most Filipino have a laid back lifestyle which attributes to their lack of focus from time to time. They often call it “sabaw” moments which means “soup” in English. It has an informal meaning like an urban word here in the Philippines that attributes to certain moments where the brain freezes and loses the attention or when a certain person is out of focus. 

The word “sabaw” became popular particularly on the social media and even on the streets. It has been used by most younger people because they are more apt to lose their sense of interest and gets their brain vaguely out of span.

It could also mean a negative feedback or mistakenly create a senseless answer with absolutely no relation to the query. It may also mean a very bad disposition of a person’s current state of mind or mental condition.

These conditions or instances may arise due to a decreased brain function due to fatigue or too unstable mental thoughts which leads to this so-called “sabaw” instances. One student shared her story as she hilariously makes a really “sabaw” moment.

A third-year college student, Armin Sta. Maria shares her posts on social media as she tells her story which gained a lot of comments, shares, and reactions from the viewers of the said facebook post.

 image: Facebook/Armin Sta Maria

According to her story, she was so worried about a subject she couldn’t enroll into because of its limited slots in her class course.

Because of the things that cloud her mind, she was sitting beside the jeepney driver when she absent-mindedly took the fare and handed out an amount of change by herself instead of the jeepney driver who supposedly should’ve to do it. It seems she was unaware of what she had done while the drive got quite shocked out of it.

 image: Facebook/Armin Sta Maria

She said that: “…bumalik lang ako sa senses ko nung tinanong ni Manong Driver, “okay ba yung sukli mo?” Tapos naka-thumbs up siya. Buti na lang po good mood si Manong kasi tumatawa rin siya.”

 image: Facebook/Armin Sta Maria

Armin told that she felt uneasy and most certainly embarrassed about the things that happened to her but she did take the fun out of it.

Finally, when she was about to be dropped off at her destination, she immediately apologizes to the driver.

Even so, it was really not the very first time she had a “sabaw” moment. She also shared another story about her entering her school.

“Papasok na ako sa entrance ng school at nakapayong po ako dahil mainit. Hindi ko namalayan na hanggang sa lobby naka-payong pa din ako. Buti po sinita ako noong guard noong paakyat na ako ng 2nd floor,” she recalled.

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